The periodicity of shelling of Ukraine can be approximately once a week

The Air forces of Ukraine stated that periodicity of shelling of Ukraine can be approximately once a week. “They need...
Ukrainian Intelligence conducted space reconnaissance of the russian military objects thanks to a satellite purchased by Ukrainians. The Main Directorate of...
Security Service of Ukraine conducted a search in the premises of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow  Patriarchate (UOC MP)...
Andriy Shevchenko refused to work for the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine – he doesn’t want to be around pro-Russian...
Zambia urges Russia to explain how its citizen from the Moscow prison ended up on the battlefield and was killed...
The russian federation relocates 20 more anti-aircraft missiles from Belarus to use in the war against Ukraine. This is reported...
The Defence Intelligence of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine reports that half of the occupation troops are still on the...
It was in result of the active operations of Ukrainian fighters that russian troops probably withdrew from Kherson. Currently, it...
Russian forces suspend traffic on the Crimean Bridge. “On November 8, traffic on the road section of the Crimean Bridge...
Ukraine and its partners agreed on the movement of 14 grain ships in the Black Sea. Russia will also be...

Ukraine counteroffensive has a price: welcome to help

I am asking for your help, I am waiting for your help, the wounded warriors cannot survive without it. Honestly,...

Kamikaze drones serial production has started in Ukraine

Earlier, Yuriy Kasyanov wrote that a serial production of attack drones will start in Ukraine without the participation of the...
Kherson liberation: chronology of the brilliant Ukraine's strategic operation 
On the day of the liberation of Kherson from the Russian invaders, we will preserve...
Not luxury jewelry, AID tourniquets now in need in Ukraine
The founder of well known Ukrainian jewelry brand with more that 20 years of history...
How Russia occupied Sea of Azov: full chronology
The key dates and facts of Russian aggression in the Azov-Kerch theater of operation in...

Myths about Ukraine created by propaganda during the World War II
77 years ago the Victory Flag was raised over the Reichstag. In the post-war decades, thousands of documentaries were made

Scythian gold theft in Melitopol: museum curators revealed details of the occupiers' operation
The stories of the staff of Melitopol and Mariupol museums reveal the gloomy decisions of the wartime and their impact

Who are Russians? Learn more historical evidence
We collected historical evidences on Russia and Russians made by famous figures of world history. Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin: “Russia

Kyiv outdoor floral instalations dedicated to patriotic themes or the Russian-Ukrainian war
Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Russian warship, and “Mriya”: the best outdoor floral arrangements are being chosen in Kyiv. Kyiv city

Ukrainian "How War Changed Rondo" was included in Top 100 best illustrated books in the United States
The American book magazine Kirkus Reviews has officially included the Ukrainian book “The War That Changed Rondo” (“How War Changed

Ukrposhta has presented the first collection of mail staps in nude style
Ukrposhta has presented the first collection in Ukraine of mail staps in nude style from the series “Her Majesty –

Lviv IT specialists created DDOS game to block russian websites
Lviv IT specialists have created an online browser game to help Ukraine fight the Russian aggression. This is an analogue

Startup Show4me with the Ukrainian founder raises $15 million investment
Show4me music network, founded by Karen Chiftalaryan, a Ukrainian of Armenian origin, raised $ 15 million investment from a German investment

Ukrainian founders of Grammarly became dollar billionaires
Two of co-founders of Grammarly, Maksym Lytvyn and Oleksiy Shevchenko, became dollar billionaires because the company raised $ 200 million

Film "Why Am I Alive" by Ukrainian film director Novak won a victory at Silk Road Film Awards-Cannes
The film Why Am I Alive by Ukrainian film director Villen Novak won the Best Feature Film Director nomination at

Instead of Moscow - Ukraine: Scorpions changed the text of the legendary song
The most famous group Scorpions expressed its support to Ukraine. The Scorpions have changed the lyrics to “Wind of Change.”

Ukrainian - American singer Kelsie Kimberlin releases new single “Reflection”

Kelsie Kimberlin_Reflection
Kelsie Kimberlin brings fire to the finale of her breakout year – new single “Reflection” out now! With one final

More than 3 million tourists have visited Ukraine in 2021
More than 3 million tourists have visited Ukraine since the beginning of the year. The State Agency for Tourism Development

Ten places in Kyiv, where you can work comfortably

Ten establishments of Kyiv, where you can work comfortably
If you are looking for a location in Kyiv, where you can not only have a delicious snack and drink some coffee, but sit quietly with your laptop - we offer you some good options

Ukraine welcomes: Ten places with live music in Kyiv

Ukraine welcomes top Ten places with live music in Kyiv EMPR suggests the most interesting cafes and restaurants in Kyiv where you can listen to the music of different genres and try variety cusine travel to ukraine travel in ukraine live music in kyiv ukraine
It’s easy to find a place with live music in Kyiv. Actually, there are so many, that it’s impossible to

Ukrainian film "Butterfly Vision" greeted guests with the sound of sirens in Cannes
Walking the red carpet with the siren on and a call to release the Ukrainian paramedic from Russian captivity: the

“Olga”, a film awarded at Cannes that tells a story set against Euromaidan premieres in Ukraine
“Olga”, a feature-length fiction film directed by Elie Grappe received the SACD Award for best screenplay at the 60th Semaine

“This Rain Will Never Stop”: documentary shot across Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, and Germany to screen in the U.S.
This May, the feature-length documentary by Alina Gorlova “This Rain Will Never Stop” will screen in the U.S., in competition
The fifth Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival is taking place in Kyiv
This year, the Bouquet Kyiv Stage high art festival takes place in a more restrained
Ukrainian Fashion Week 2022
The main Ukrainian Fashion Week (UFW) starts. This year marks its 25th anniversary. The new
Photo exhibition "Citizen journalists are important" opened in Kyiv as a gesture of solidarity with the Crimean colleagues
The exhibition “Citizen journalists are important” opened in Kyiv as a gesture of solidarity with the imprisoned
The largest mass startup pitch session will be held in Ukraine
The Ukrainian Startup Fund – the partner of the Ministry of Digital Transformation will hold the largest
Christmas night in Kyiv: the nativity scene on Sofiivska Square will be the largest in Europe
The country’s main Christmas tree on Sofiivska Square in Kyiv will traditionally be lit on
Golden autumn favor visiting Kyiv Zoo
Date: Monday – Sunday Time: Tus. – Sut. 9:00-16:00, Mon. 12:00-16:00 Venue: Kiev Zoo, Peremohy
Night in the Bulgakov Museum
Date:  Time: Venue: Bulgakov Museum- Memorial, Andriivs’kyi descent, 13A
Kurazh Not only Jazz
Date: August 15 – August 16 Time: 12:00 – 00 Venue: VDNG, Akademika Hlushkova Ave, 1, Kyiv

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