Zaluzhnyi is not someone Zelenskyy should be afraid of. He should be afraid of the “enemy in the bed” 

Zaluzhnyi is not someone Zelenskyy should be afraid of. He should be afraid of the "enemy in the bed" 

Zaluzhnyi is not someone Zelenskyy should be afraid of. So far, the general has given no indication that he plans to begin a political career. Neither should Zelenskyy be afraid of Budanov, who enjoys greater trust and love among the TikTok plankton. 

He should be afraid of the "enemy in the bed," namely Andriy Yermak, who gets closer and takes over Volodymyr Oleksandrovych’s powers. 

Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva investigates.

The authoritative American media outlet Politico has published the 2023 most influential people ranking. I see how the court bloggers have already started spreading a message that “Yermak is recognized as our vice president.”

However, this is not the case. This ranking has interesting subtexts and tones — an American tradition of writing). Zelenskyy was included in the category of Dreamers. Politico also notes that “Zelenskyy has moved from pleading with Western countries for help to lecturing them — and that hasn’t landed quite as successfully as his more uplifting orations.” His neighbors in the category of second-order politicians are the Home Secretary, an Irish politician, a German fencer and the IOC president. Decorative Internet oppositionist from the russian federation, Navalny ranked second. He was called “the Nelson Mandela of Russia," (I laughed out loud).

Andriy Yermak was included in the category of Doers and his caricature was placed between Emmanuel Macron and Erdogan. These are the two politicians Zelenskyy respects the most and wishes he could be like. Among the first order politicians included in this category are Ursula von der Leyen and Giorgia Meloni. Politicocalls Yermak Kyiv’s "Green Cardinal." It's a play on words.  There are interesting details here:

  • Politico notes “that’s because Yermak is the head of office to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose last name relates to an East Slavic word for “green” — and also because he has a habit of attending photo-ops in the military-inspired khaki outfits... “

It is not the first time that Western media note the ostentatious military outfits for photo shoots. It's about pretending, not being. 

  • The second detail noted by Politico is more significant. “With Zelenskyy’s own foreign travel limited, Yermak has taken business trips around the world on his boss’s behalf, meeting top-level foreign officials, conducting negotiations and striking deals (which, under Ukraine’s constitution, ought to be the remit of the president, not his No.2."  

Politico, which has a number of contracts for cooperation with information giants, directly says that Zelenskyy's friend is ruling instead of the president, having no powers under the Constitution, and further notes that this unauthorized person concludes agreements that, by competence, belong to the president. 

This is an interesting signal to the world that the agreements with Yermak are illegal and smell of usurpation. By the way, this was roughly the case in South Korea in 2016. When the president handed over secrets and powers to her friend and adviser. And then she demanded bribes from companies like Samsung. There were large-scale protests and girlfriends were put in prison for usurpation.

It is noteworthy that this text in a similar tone was published after Yermak's visit to the USA, which was, to put it mildly, a failure and acquired a number of interesting facts about how our “stallholders” thought to sell completely different positions to Republicans and Democrats.

Therefore, Zelenskyy should not look for competitors in the Armed Forces. And the one he calls his friend, in fact has long pulled the blanket over himself and has made a cocoon out of it. While Zelenskyy has a dubious prize — the title of dreamer of the year, his powers are being taken away from under his nose.

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