Buy me a fighter jet

Since the beginning of the war, we have been begging NATO to close our skies. Or provide us with fighter jets. But the governments of the world are afraid of escalation and the conflict spreading beyond Ukraine.

We ask you, Philanthropist, to use your financial, organizational and political capabilities to buy and hand over a fighter jet to us.

We need your help! We need a fighter jet! Whoever you are – a businessman, an IT specialist, an actor or a singer, whichever nationality you are or country you live in – you can help us to stop the terror❌

We will help you find, buy and transfer a fighter jet to the Air Force of Ukraine:

🔹Contact us by email.

🔹Our experts will advise you on technical and legal issues

🔹Feel the gratitude of millions of hearts!

More info:

Video source: Buy me a fighter jet

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