Kelsie Kimberlin releases “Armageddon” music Video to focus attention on the war against Ukraine

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, most Americans hate Russia, and I understand more about the difference between "dyakuyu" and "spasiba" - Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin Brings The War In Ukraine To The Whole World With Her Dramatic Video "Armageddon."

"I knew I had to visit Ukraine so I could see for myself the horrors inflicted on Ukraine and hear the stories of those affected by the war in order to give voice to those stories."

Today, Kelsie Kimberlin released her dramatic new music video "Armageddon" about the war against Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, speaking at the Grammys, urged artists everywhere to use their music to draw attention to Ukraine in order to bring victory and peace to the country.

Kelsie Kimberlin, a popular American-Ukrainian singer, took the President’s words seriously by recently making the long and dangerous trip to Ukraine where she filmed three music videos, “Armageddon”, “Turn Back”, and “Another Chance”, each one to be released respectively in September, October, and November 2023.

Kelsie arrived in Kyiv to martial law, air raid sirens, and attacks by drones and missiles which were destroyed over her head by anti-missile batteries. Despite these terror attacks, she filmed “Armageddon” in Bucha, Irpin, and Kyiv at many of the places where the worst atrocities by the Russian army took place in February and March 2022.

Because many of these locations were under military control, her team had to get permission to film there. Kelsie is the only foreign artist to be granted such permission. Following many days of arduous filming, she was given a commendation by a branch of the Armed Forces for using her music to protect Ukraine. She was given a gift from an aide to President Zelensky in gratitude for her work.

The Ukrainian ArmyInform media conducted an in-depth interview with her, the first interview with a foreign artist for its flagship publication.  

Kelsie worked with Grammy winner Liam Nolan who mixed the song, and with Grammy nominee Stuart Hawkes who mastered it. The song was orchestrated by famous Kyiv composer Yurii Shepeta.  

“Although I was aware of the risks, I knew I had to visit Ukraine so I could see for myself the horrors inflicted on Ukraine. I knew that I could only film these videos at authentic locations in order to convey the gravity of the war and portray to the world the absolute importance of continued support for a complete victory for Ukraine to its rightful international borders. I knew that I had to hear the stories of those affected by the war in order to give voice to those stories. As I did, the hair on my body stood on end knowing that families with children died right there,” said Kelsie.

While in Ukraine, Kelsie met with war refugees, visited a military hospital and displaced animal shelter, talked with many soldiers on duty in various locations, and listened to story after story of victims of the war, including women and children who were raped and tortured after their loved ones were brutally killed in the Kyiv suburbs. She saw many destroyed churches, a bombed cultural center, hundreds of decimated homes and apartments, dozens of mangled parks and playgrounds, and streets pockmarked with tens of thousands of mortar hits and shrapnel scars.

The video “Armageddon” is a game-changer because it shows the devastation of the war with authentic, unvarnished footage. Kelsie's heartfelt and emotional performance is awe-inspiring because of her ability to convey the anger, despair, and defiance of the Ukrainian people. In her lyrics, she repeats that Ukraine will protect the world from armageddon: "We are gonna stop it, stop it, stop it." 

With the release of the video, Kelsie is launching the Kelsie Kimberlin Foundation to collect donations to help rebuild Ukraine, provide medical help and rehabilitation for those injured in the war, and garner further support for Ukraine. She asks everyone to share her video and donate to support the people of Ukraine.

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