The russian missile terror threat from the belarus is growing

The terrorist threat from the russian enemy is growing, as given a launch range of 230 km from Belarus, russian missiles target Ukraine very fast.

According to information, there may be more air raid alarms, especially in the Northern and Western regions as joint fight and tactical training of russian and belarus aviation go on.

From January 16 to February 1, 2023, a joint flight and tactical training of the aviation units of the armed forces of the republic of belarus and the russian federation helds.

Besides, there is complete and detailed information about the type of the system and missile that attacked Kyiv in the morning of January 14, 2022.

It was S-400 system rather than S-300. It was a new 48N6DM missile, and not a 40N6 missile, as I had previously assumed. This missile is very, very fast, hypersonic. According to some data, it is faster than 40N6. Its maximum velocity is 2,500 m/s, or 7.35M. Its operational range against ground targets is about 230 km; the warhead weight is 180 kg.

The new 48N6DM missiles were launched against our capital for the second time, because similar missile fragments had been found near a destroyed private building on Protasiv Yar and a destroyed hotel behind the "Ukraine" palace during the missile attacks on Kyiv on December 31.

There are already reasons to claim that those strikes were carried out from belarus, in particular from the Zyabrivka airfield 30 km from the border with Ukraine, but the General Staff still vaguely says that the strikes on Kyiv were carried out from the North, because with a range of 230 km they can be carried out from the border Bryansk region.


The terrorist threat from the russian enemy is growing, that is, given a launch range of 230 km from Belarus, the target zone may include not only Kyiv, but also Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lutsk and Lviv.

A 48N6DM missile develops a significant speed. In case of its ground launch, it hits a target from a distance of about 200 km within only a minute or two. Under such conditions, we are not always able to warn in time about a missile threat, which was the case during the strikes on Kyiv.

Anti-aircraft guided missiles are not accurate when hitting ground targets. The greater the range, the greater the error. Thus, S-400 missile launches pose a significant threat to civilians as an indiscriminate weapon.

Ukraine still do not has the means to counter these missiles.

The threat from russian MiG-31K fighter jets remain as well. Every time, that type of russian aviation take off, the air raid strike threat covers Ukraine for at least 1,5 hours. The

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