The new Babyn Yar: up to 9,000 Mariupol residents buried in the mass grave in Mangush

Between three and nine thousand bodies were buried in the mass grave in the village of Mangush near Mariupol.

This was stated by the mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boyko.

The fact is that Maxar posted images taken on April 9, which show the mass grave sector in Mangush.  70 bodies were found in a similar sector in Bucha, whereas the one near Mariupol is 20 times larger.

“The occupiers dug new trenches and filled them with corpses every day throughout April. According to our sources, dead bodies are placed in several layers in such graves,” the Mariupol City Council notes.

The mayor stressed that Mariupol is the greatest war crime of the 21st century.

“This is the new Babyn Yar. Hitler then killed Jews, Roma and Slavs. And now Putin is killing Ukrainians. He has already killed tens of thousands of civilians in Mariupol. And this requires a strong reaction from the entire civilized world. The genocide must be stopped by all means,” Mayor Vadym Boychenko said.

It should be reminded that, the Satellite detected a mass grave in the village of Mangush (near Mariupol) occupied by Russian forces.

Journalists from Skhemy (Radio Svoboda) found that it was a trench more than 300 meters long.

Maxar images: Left – March 23, 2022; Right – March 29, 2022.

According to satellite images, the trench appeared approximately in late March, as there was none in the image taken on March 23. 

At the same time, a more recent satellite image of April 9 showed that the trench had already been partially covered with earth and widened.

Information about mass graves was confirmed by the Mariupol City Council. According to adviser to the mayor Petro Andryushchenko, the Russian military bring dead bodies to various industrial zones of the city, where there are large refrigerators, and only then pack the bodies in bags and take them to the sites of mass graves.

 “As I think they take people there en masse. It’s already warm – and you understand that with the corpses… They had to start (transportation, – Ed.) from the end of March. We do not know how many and how to count them. Thousands may be there… But we have finally found out where at least some of the dead are being taken from Mariupol,” Andryushchenko said.

He added that only one mass grave site in Mangush is currently known, but there may be more.

It should be noted that the length of the trench in Mangush – 300 meters. For comparison, the length of the mass grave near the church in Bucha – 14 meters. The bodies of 73 people were found there.

Besides discovered mass graves, Russia disposes of witnesses of their crimes and its dead military in 13 mobile crematoriums.


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