Mariupol: Russia disposes of witnesses of their crimes and its dead military in 13 mobile crematoriums

In mobile crematoriums Russians dispose of witnesses of their crimes, dead civilians and their own military, the Ukrainian intelligence Russia’s top leadership has ordered to destroy all the evidence of its army’s crimes in Ukraine.

To do this, Russian troops began to use mobile crematoriums.

This was reported by Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of  Ukraine. 

13 mobile crematoriums, the purpose of which is to clear the streets from the bodies of dead civilians, were registered in Mariupol.

Moreover, the occupiers use filtration camps trying to identify and destroy all potential witnesses to the atrocities of the occupiers. 

In addition, the military intelligence of Ukraine has repeatedly recorded the use of mobile crematoriums in Chernihiv region, and their work was also recorded in the city of Novoaydar, Luhansk region. 

Russian armed forces are also using mobile crematoriums to dispose of the bodies of their servicemen, to hide the real number of Russian soldiers killed and to have a reason not to pay the families of the dead. 

The Russians began using mobile crematoriums in Ukraine after wide international publicty of the genocide of Ukrainians in Bucha, Kyiv region. 

As of April 13, more than 720 victims of Russian invaders have been found in Kyiv region, more than 200 people are missing.


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