Ukrainian servicemen are back from Russian captivity

Ukrainian servicemen are back from Russian captivity Three Ukrainians were freed today in the war zone in eastern Ukraine First interview with the press gave Yaroshenko

Three Ukrainians were freed today from Russian captivity in the war zone in eastern Ukraine. Petro Eroshevych, Ukrainian serviceman, shares his impressions with the press.

Three Ukrainians, 2 servicemen Grygoriy Zavizion and Petro Eroshevych, as well as 1 civilian Vadym Petrenko, have been freed from Russian captivity in the war zone in eastern Ukraine. EMPR already informed about this in today’s  Ukrainian war updates briefing highlights.

Ukrainian serviceman Petro Eroshevych, who was among those three, was freed in Mariynka near Donetsk, arrived to Kyiv and shares his first impression on his captivity with the press.

Petro Eroshevych was captured by the Russian armed forces during bloody combats near Debaltseve on February 2015. Petro was heavily wounded in his head, received first aid and was operated in Donetsk hospital. Petro Eroshevych marked his 2 birthday in Russian captivity as he spent there around 400 (!) days.

Perto is happy to be free, he was on the top in the exchange list of Ukrainian hostages because of his heavy wound. Eroshevych says he was not tortured in captivity, had meals twice a day, and there is nothing bad he can say.

 ‘I am free, but at least 16 my fellows remain there’ – Petro admits.

Petro’s Eroshevych current will is departure to his native town of Zdolbuniv, where his numerous relatives and close friends await him.

Unfortunately, Perto’s travel will be short as forthcoming long (up to 3 years rehabilitation) in Kyiv military hospital is already scheduled for him.

To remind, 125 Ukrainians, civilians and servicemen, remains in Russian captivity in eastern Ukraine and 9 more already imprisoned in Russia.

To this end, the question of release of all Ukrainian hostages will be the key one during the next meeting and talks in the Minsk format on March 23, 2016.



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