Over 900 people have been murdered by the russian occupiers in Kyiv region

Bodies of over 900 people murdered by the russian occupiers were found in Kyiv region.

Many of them died from gunshot wounds.This was announced during a speech at the Media Center Ukraine by Kyiv Region Police Chief Andriy Niebytov.

According to him, police patrols work in all 180 settlements of Kyiv region that were occupied. They are looking for collaborators, looters and the bodies of dead civilians, as well as recording war crimes of the Russian army and the facts of destruction.

Niebytov said that the police found the bodies of people in the middle of the streets and in temporary burials.

“We have published a lot of mass graves, and unfortunately we record that these are the burials of people killed with small arms. That is, we understand that during the occupation, the Russian army established a certain regime, tried to find people who have an impact on the community and force them to work for Russia,” Niebytov said.


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