How russian invaders steal steel and people from Mariupol

How russian invaders steal steel and people from Mariupol

The russian occupiers are transporting orphans out of the occupied city. This was reported by Petro Andriushchenko, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.

Russia is actively stealing steel from Ukraine and sending the loot by ships from Mariupol, continuing to block the Ukrainian ports, trapping vessels filled with food. Moreover, the invaders continue to deport Ukrainians from the city.

The Russian RM3 vessel was loaded with 2.5 thousand tons of rolled steel and sent to the Rostov-on-Don port. In addition, the occupiers have already announced "nationalization" and de facto theft of the remaining 34 ships in the port. The process of renaming and changing flags has already begun.

As for the deportation, 320 residents of Mariupol, including 32 children, were brought to the filtration point in the Bezimenne village yesterday. 345 residents of Mariupol, including 37 children, were further deported to the Russian city of Taganrog.

In addition, the occupying authorities have begun identifying and collecting homeless children from Mariupol. These are probably children who lost their parents during the occupation of Mariupol. In particular, it is known that about 15 children, sheltered by residents of Mariupol at 18, Meotida Ave., were seized by the Russian military and taken away in an unknown direction. The Ukrainian authorities of Mariupol are working to establish the location of orphans and lost children.

Export blocking

Destroyed bridges and closed ports isolate Ukraine and will not allow exporting 30 million tons of grain crucially needed for world food security. According to the Wall Street Journal estimates, less than half of Ukraine's crop will be exported this year, threatening to increase food inflation and worsen the deficit.

The German magazine Der Spiegel noted that the problem of Russia's blockade of Ukrainian ports, which threatens global food security, can only be solved by military means. The talks do not seem promising, and only a military solution can remedy the situation.

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