The last trial to get to Azov volunteer battalion

“Spartan” training camp of “Azov” volunteer battalion is the last test to join struggle for Ukraine at the front line, which can be a hard nut to crack for some.

There were sixty of them. Forty-two have been left. Top forty will go to the ATO zone.

As true Spartans, future soldiers of the “Azov” volunteer battalion are trained in a training camp in Kyiv. During two weeks, volunteers undergo special physical training to get basic tactical skills and become a strong team.

Young and adult men are tested for endurance and psychological readiness for combat operations.

A program to train fighters is developed by the best “Azov” specialists, as well as by foreign experts. Each instructor has personal skills and experience that are transmitted to soldiers during the group sessions, as well as individually. That’s why, it is important for every fighter in the camp to realize, what he does best and what he will do in the future.

The best fighters get to the battalion, based in Mariupol, immediately. The remaining recruits are sent to the training camp of “Azov” in the ATO zone, where they continue training and perform their duties at posts and in details. Those who don’t reach the appropriate level of training or don’t have all necessary medical and legal permits don’t get to the battalion, but can undergo training again.

 Credits to Азов. Тренировочный лагерь , with English subtitles

But the main achievement of the camp is that during two weeks completely different men from different regions of Ukraine and with different levels of education stop thinking only about themselves and their needs, they become a team, united by one goal, they become brothers forever.”We shall understand that we have paid a huge price for our future independence and that the losses were not in vain; and on our level, we shall try to do everything to win”, a volunteer of “Azov” battalion says.

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Ievgen Reznik,
Aleksandra Demskaya also contributed to the publication.

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