Russian hybrid troops enter former Ukrainian positions in Donbass

Russian hybrid troops enter former Ukrainian positions at a disengagement area near Petrivske, Donbass. The enemy opened fire with tracer bullet at their own positions, the Joint Forces Operation HQ press center reports.

The Ukrainian party of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination on Ceasefire and Stabilization of the Demarcation Line recorded actions of the Russian armed forces related to an imitation of disengagement violations within a disengagement area No.3 Petrivske.

Militants entered the Joint Forces’ former positions near Petrivske.

“Armed members of the Russian armed forces took advantage of the terrain and high vegetation to enter the disengagement area at the Joint Forces’ positions, which were released during the disengagement, and opened demonstrative fire with tracer bullets toward the Russian armed formations,” they report.

It is noted that everything took place at a distance of 250 meters from the OSCE surveillance camera, which, the occupiers claim, should provide unprecedented evidence of disengagement violations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The purpose of such actions may be to exacerbate the situation at the disengagement area, which in the future may result in the troops returning to their original positions before the disengagement or seizing new advantageous positions by the Russian armed forces in the specified area,” stressed the Ukrainian party of the JCCC.


Source: novynarnia

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