Russia – Ukraine war updates: daily briefings as of May 9, 2020

Russia – Ukraine war updates from the war zone in southeast Ukraine as of May 9, 2020 by Joint forces operation HQ data: EMPR highlights.

(1) Russian hybrid forces launched 7 attacks in the war zone in eastern Ukraine for the last day. The enemy continue to use forbidden 120-mm and 82-mm mortar launchers.

(2) Russian proxies launched attack in the North area with the use of the following types of arms:

forbidden 120-mm and 82-mm mortar launchers – near Orikhove and Krymske (in total 28 mines released),

(3) Russian proxies launched attacks in the East area with the use of the following types of arms:

forbidden 82-mm mortar launchers – near Shyrokino, Kamyanka,

easel anti-tank grenade launchers – near Shyrokino and Pisky,

UAV - near Shyrokino,

manual anti-tank grenade launchers – near Maryinka,

anti-tank missile complex – near Kamyanka,

grenade launchers – near Kamyanka,

large caliber machine guns – near Kamyanka and Avdyivka,

small arms – near Maryinka.

(4) Russian forces losses are as follows: 1 killed in actions and 2 wounded in actions.

(5) 4 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in actions for the last 24 hours.



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