Russia – Ukraine war updates: daily briefings as of June 29, 2017

Russia – Ukraine war updates from the war zone in southeast Ukraine as of June 29, 2017 by ATO HQ operational data and Presidential Administration spokesman on ATO issues briefing: EMPR highlights.

(1) Russian occupiers continuosly violated ceasefire regime in the war zone in eastern Ukraine with the use of forbidden hard weaponry. In particular, they opened fire 25 times over the last 24 hours. In particular, the enemy opened fire upon Ukrainian troops positions 15 times on Luhansk direction, 11 times on Donetsk direction and 9 times on Mariupol direction;
(2) Luhansk direction: The situation around Bahmut root intensified againg; the hottest warfare reported in Krymske, where Russian hybrid forces launched a series of powerfull mortar attack against Ukrainian troops and released over 150 mines of different calibers; Tryohizbenka and Schastya areas also came under the enemy’s fire;
(3) Donetsk direction: Russian armored forces activities took place on Svitlodarska line, in Verhnyotoretsk area as well as on Avdiivka – Kamyanka front line; The hottest spot reported in Kamyanka, where occupiers fulfilled 5-hour-long attack and released 40 mines upon Ukrainian troops positions; to this end Russian forces also opened fire at Avdiivka, Luhanske and Verhnyotoretse;
(4) Mariupol direction: the enemy fulfilled a series of provocative shellings at Ukrainian position along the frontline from, in particular in Hnutove, Lebedynske and Pavlopol; The hottest spot on this direction reported in Maryinka where Russian forces released 15 mines upon Ukrainian positions; in worth mentioned that Russian occupeirs also opened fire right at residential areas in Krasnogorivka, including school territory;
(5) 5 Russian occupiers killed and 23 wounded in actions over the last week in the war zone;
(6) 1 Ukrainian servicema was killed in action and 4 were wounded in action n in the war zone in southeast Ukraine over the last 24 hours.


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