Mariupol massacre: list of victims

Today, January 24,2015 at 9:25 a.m. (Kyiv time) artillery shelling of the ‘Skhidniy’ district in the southern city of Mariupol resulted in deaths of 29 peaceful citizens. At least 93 civilians got wounded, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

Mentioned numbers include one serviceman of the National guard, who was killed and one more serviceman who was wounded. The full list of victims is as follows:


1. Mykolaychuk Dmytro. Date of birth: June 3,1993. Khmelnytsk oblast citizen (serviceman).

2. Unknown woman, 25-30 years old.

3. Unknown woman. Found near 185 Olympiyska st..

4. Unknown man. Found near ‘Kyivskiy market.

5. Nimenko Liliya. Date of birth: September 20,1953. Found near Kyivskiy market. Mariupol citizen.

6. Unknown woman, 50-55 years old. Found near Kyivskiy market.

7. Efymov Yuliy. Date of birth: July 11,1950. Found near 48 Kyivska st. Mariupol citizen.

8. Popova Larysa. Date of birth: November 8,1948. Found near 64 Kyivska st. Mariupol citizen.

9. Budnyk Valery. Date of birth: November 16, 1969. Found near Kyivska st. Mariupol citizen.

10. Unknown girl, 20 years old. Found near Kyivska st.

11. Demchenko Oleksandr. Date of birth: August 25, 1956. Found near 68 Kyivska st. 

12. Bobynyov Mykola. Found in his appartment at Zvezdnaya st. Mariupol citizen.

13. Bobynyov Lubov. Found in her appartment at Zvezdnaya st. Mariupol citizen.

14. Kashyna Maryna. Found in her appartment at Zvezdnaya st. Mariupol citizen.

15. Kashyn Stanislav. 4-5 years old boy. Found in his appartment at Zvezdnaya st. Mariupol citizen.

16. Borysov Sergiy. 54 years. Found in his appartment at Kuzbaska st. Mariupol citizen.

17. Abdurashytova Olha. Date of birth: November 27, 1977. Found near Kyivskiy market. Mariupol citizen.

18. Verbytska Lyubov. Date of birth: December 27, 1944. Found near her house at Kyivska st. Mariupol citizen.

19. Bushnyova Lyubov. Pernsionier. Found in her appartment at Kyivska st. Mariupol citizen.

20. Unknown man. Found near 3 Kyivska st.

21. Chumak Lina. Date of birth: March 18,1989. Found near grosery store at Stanyslavskogo st. Mariupol citizen.

22. Anykyenko Halyna. date of birth: November 18,1965. Found near 109 Poletaeva st. Mariupol citizen

23. Unknown woman. About 40 years old. Found near grosery store at 9thMay st.

24. Abdurakhamova Olha. Date of birth: November 27,1987. Found at Olympiyska st.

25. Lutsenko Olha. Year of birth: 1981. Found at Kyivska st.

26. Efremov Stanyslav. Date of birth: May 19, 1976. Found at Marshrutna st.

27. Evgelevska Valentyna. Year of birth: 1967. Found at Perzazhna st.

28. Bondarenko Maria. 20 years old.

29. Makarov Andriy.


EMPR P.S. According to the latest data 30 civilians dead and 100 wounded. Updates soon.

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