Explosions were heard at the military airfield in Belarus

On the night of August 11, explosions were heard in Belarus at the Zyabrovka airfield, which is fully controlled by the Russians, which were setting up a military base there.

At least eight flashes have been reported since 12:30 a.m. on August 11. Instead, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus reported that the incident occurred around 11:00 p.m. on August 10. Pro-government telegram channels also reported at night that nothing unusual was happening at the airport, TSN reports.

Information about the flashes was confirmed by “several sources at once.” According to various data, starting at 12:30 a.m., there were at least eight flashes.

“Information has been received that explosions are heard and flashes seen around the Zyabrovka airfield. According to preliminary information, there were at least four flashes in the last 10 minutes,” says one of the reports.

The Belarusian Telegram channel “Flagstock – Gomelshchyna” also writes about the explosions heard in the Gomel district and the southern micro districts of Gomel.

“From 12:25 to 12:32 a.m., explosions were heard, a [shock] wave was felt, flashes of light [were seen] several times through solid cloud cover. The direction is the Zyabrovsky airfield,” the message reads.

It is noted that at least four military transport planes of the Russian Air Force flew to the airfield at the beginning of August. At that time, “Belarusian Gayun” recorded the transportation of missiles for S300/S400 launch complexes.

The missile division of the “Iskander-M” missile complex and the S-400 division were located on the territory of the airfield. 

Later, after the night explosions and flashes at the airfield “Zyabrovka” (Gomel district), the Ministry of Defense of Belarus provided the official version of what happened. The Belarusian authorities called the flashes near the airfield “the ignition of a piece of equipment after the engine was replaced.”

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus assures that the fire was extinguished “in a timely manner”. Allegedly, there were no casualties.

“On August 10, at around 11 p.m., during a test run, a piece of equipment that had its engine replaced caught fire. Firefighting measures were taken by the personnel in a timely manner. There were no casualties,” the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus assures.

It should be noted that this Belarusian military air base is located in the Gomel region, 16 km southeast of Gomel. After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Lukashenko handed Zyabrovka over to the Russians, who had been setting up a military base there.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported on the conduct of air defense and air force exercises with combat firing; however, it is unknown whether they are related to the flashes near Zyabrovka.


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