During the full-scale war, Azov destroyed at least 1,157 occupiers and 49 tanks in Mariupol

Soldiers wounded at least 520 enemies and destroyed a Raptor-class patrol boat.

Soldiers of Azov published a chronicle of the war for Mariupol and their achievements in the fight against the Russian occupiers since the beginning of the full-scale offensive. According to confirmed data the Azov Regiment has killed 1 157 enemies (according to unconfirmed data 840 more).

According to confirmed data sanitary losses are 520 (3 150 according to unconfirmed data). This was reported in “Azov – Mariupol” Telegram channel.

Enemy equipment losses:

Tanks – 49 destroyed and 29 damaged,

Armored personnel carriers – 23 destroyed, 24 damaged,

Infantry fighting vehicles – 36 destroyed, 24 damaged,

Combat landing vehicles – 5 destroyed,

Raptor-class patrol boat – 1 destroyed,

SU-25 – 1 damaged,

Typhoon armoured vehicles – 2 destroyed, 2 damaged,

Tigr military vehicles – 3 destroyed, 2 damaged,

Lynx fighting vehicles – 2 destroyed, 2 damaged,

Military cargo trucks – 25 destroyed, 8 damaged.

In addition, a lot of other enemy equipment and weapons were destroyed and damaged.

“The enemy planned to seize Mariupol in three days. The Azov Regiment waged an unequal battle with overwhelming enemy forces, the number of which was more than 14 000 soldiers. Despite enemy aircraft, heavy bombs, overwhelming enemy forces and naval artillery, the defenders stood between the enemy and the whole of Ukraine,” noted Azov.

It is worth mentioning, that the heroic defense of Mariupol has been going on for more than two months, that is, for as long as the war itself. Today the defense is carried out by the Marines, Azov, the National Guard and the Territorial defense forces. All of them, as well as hundreds of women, children, and wounded are concentrated in the basement of the Azovstal plant.


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