Bradley fighting vehicles had appeared near Bakhmut


I heard from an informed military expert that Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which are positioned as "tank killers" in Ukraine, had appeared near Bakhmut. The news caused me not delight but concern.

At the same time, I read President Zelensky's interview that we should not leave Bakhmut, because the Kremlin Fuhrer would feel strong, continue to press, and then the international community and Ukrainian society would demand negotiations with the aggressor. The concern has increased.

Because everything together adds up to a not very positive puzzle.

"Bradley is about the offensive. These infantry fighting vehicles are designed to move soldiers quickly over long distances, so they appear where the enemy does not expect. They are able to work as gunners for artillery and aircraft. On their own, these BMPs can break through not very secure defense lines, and together with tanks and artillery, they can break through secure ones.

Yes, of course, Bradley can be used in defense, but in a maneuverable way, to go to the flanks or rear of the enemy trying to advance. But in Bakhmut, the defense is mostly positional. In the city, IFVs are generally ineffective because they immediately become a target for hand-held anti-tank systems used from behind cover.

If NATO armored vehicles get near Bakhmut, which our military and political leadership does not want to leave, we are burning resources for the future offensive. The forces for which are not yet fully formed. Or the liberation of the occupied territories, which has been announced many times, should begin from Bakhmut. 

I do not agree that the defense of Bakhmut is the phase of the war that determines everything. But the Ukrainian spring and summer offensive does indeed decide almost everything. It is in the offensive that we have no right to make a mistake.

Oleksandr Kochetkov

Ukraine Front Lines


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If I remember correctly, there was a request to be silent about offensive and I strongly support that request. Posting this kind of information and adding “your own” concern is not something I would appreciate if I was in a place of your leaders.

Also, your leadership showed and proved, time and time again, they are capable of crysis management, so maybe they do know something you don’t. You questioning them after what they showed in past year is not something I would expect of anyone supporting Ukraine, even more so Ukrainian. Specially while we have 1% of information needed to assess the situation.

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