Azov fighters trial: occupiers close the area with the Philharmonic Hall in Mariupol

Trial of the Azov fighters in Mariupol is under the preparation stage. The staff of the facility, where cages were demonstratively installed for the future trial, was ordered not to go to work.

Photo credits: TSN

Petro Andriushchenko, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, reports  that for the second day in a row, the area in Mariupol, where the philharmonic hall is located, remains closed. The day before the occupiers demonstratively installed cages for the future trial of the Azov fightershere. 

“In the morning, three buses accompanied by five Kamaz trucks with military personnel drove up to the building. It is not yet known who and why. Some public pages on social media that are controlled by the occupation authorities of Mariupol reported that the philharmonic hall had been mined and at least one explosive device had been found. This “my-source- in-the-Philharmonic-definitely-saw-it” information looks like preparation of the information space for another Russian provocation with the participation of our defenders. It is impossible to mine the Philharmonic given the strict security measures in the building and nearby,” he noted and called for maximum publicity of the situation around the trial.

No one knows yet when the so-called "trial" of the captured Ukrainian fighters will begin, but a combination of factors such as completion of construction works, an atypical influx of Russian propagandists in Mariupol indicate that it may take a few days or, maybe, even hours, the adviser is convinced.

We will remind you that the other day Ptashka and Volyn from Azovstal were included in the Forbes “30 under 30”rating - see who else entered the list.

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