The Ukraine Front Lines team marks its 10th Anniversary at the information front

The Ukraine Front Lines team marks its 10th Anniversary at the information front

Today we mark 10th Anniversary of our work.

#1 Independent citizens media about Ukraine. With no sleep & rest 24/7 during 10 years we report on events about #Ukraine for international audience.

We were the first who let the World know about #Euromaidan events in time during the winter 2014.

We were the first who informed about #OccupiedCrimea in February 2014.

We were the first who called #RussiaUkraineWar as it is in March 2014.

We were the fist who posted #MH17 crash video and called it as russian attack on peaceful plane in July 2014.

We resist russian #propaganda and #disinformation about Ukraine as much as we can all the time.

We are grateful to our followers, International Audience, Media, Journalists, Politicians, Experts, Communities, Countries, Allies, Citizens for your trust.

We did a lot.

But its not enough.

We cannot bring back the lives of fallen Ukrainians.

We remember the first hundred of photos of killed #HeavenlyHundred citizens that we have posted here after Euromaidan massacre on Feb 20, 2014.

How many posts we've made about deaths of Ukrainians in Ukraine after that? Too many among 100K+ tweets.

Ten years is a lot.

Yes. We dream about vacation. To have a trip to liberated Crimea. To be invited to the Independent Square in Kyiv not for a funeral of another Ukrainian defender, but to mark Ukraine's victory over russia.

We believe that all Ukrainian citizens must look at the mirrors and think what we can do more to us, to our families and to our country.

Our understanding is that we must value at all levels (from the Mininsty of Defence to society) every Ukrainian soldier, end the #corruption, develop strong #defensesector with UA own #weapons production, including #nuke, build up fair democratic society, to make it possible and safe for all willing Ukrainians to return HOME, protect elderly citizens and children as well as let #justice and #freedomofspeech exist in Ukraine.

That's all we want.

For a while, in case you value our work, please don't send us greetings, presents and flowers today. Just make a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a way you find appropriate.

UKFL team. Слава Україні!


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