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Patriot Defence is launching a medical battalion training and equipping project with the support of the Anti-AIDS Foundation.

During the ceasefire and less intense military activity, we have launched a medical battalion training project, called “medsanbat” in Ukrainian, through which international experts will train Ukrainian medics in modern-day principles of tactical combat emergency care in the battlefield and in emergency situations. All training will be held in conditions that completely replicate a conflict environment using the latest simulation programs and equipment. The main purpose is to properly train medics to deliver the full range of intensive first aid before the victim reaches a field hospital or in a regular one. This will reduce the number of human lives lost during military conflicts and in emergency situations, as well as the need for amputations and the level of post-traumatic disabilities.

This intensive course for Ukrainian doctors includes developing skills in applying tourniquets, evacuating the wounded from the battlefield, splinting, and the use of specific medications and pleural decompression procedures. These kinds of traumas mostly occur in combat and emergency situations and rarely happen in ordinary life. When medics are properly trained and equipped with all the necessary medical supplies, not only can they save vital organs, but life itself when the individual has been seriously injured.

“White gowns don’t have epaulets showing rank, but a military medic is a separate combat unit. Medics should possess all the necessary skills, knowledge and resources in order to save the health and lives of those in need of medical help,” says Viktor Pinchuk, founder of Kyiv’s Pinchuk Art Center. “The army whose soldiers know that professional doctors have their backs, ready to provide help at all times is strong and confident.”

“Combat injuries not only change peoples’ lives, they can leave their mark on the person’s health for decades,” says Olena Pinchuk, founder of the Anti AIDS Foundation. “Today, hundreds of young people are in need of expensive prosthetics, treatment and rehabilitation.This is an additional financial burden on the country’s already strained healthcare budget. And this is why our task today is not only to save the maximum number of lives, but also to provide medical treatment to those, who are now in the ATO Zone.”

This program is being carried out in partnership with the World Congress of Ukrainians as a part of the Patriot Defense Project, which currently provides active training for military personal and supplies individual first aid kits (IFAKs) and initiated the military medics support program. The Ukrainian Charitable Exchange and the Volunteers Hundred are also prepared to join the project.

Medical assistance in the ATO zone
According to an assessment by independent experts, tactical combat emergency care in the ATO zone currently does not meet the key requirements established by NATO and Israel. Mobile and field hospitals do not meet international standards, most of their equipment being outdated and not meeting basic requirements, especially with the monthly load of 300 operations per field hospital. Evacuating combat casualties is extremely dangerous and delivering them to regular hospitals is difficult, so emergency care is sometimes delayed for hours. 

The combat death toll can be significantly reduced and the health of thousands of Ukraine soldiers recovered by providing each one of them with individual first aid kits. With the necessary medication and medical equipment, and means to evacuate and transport the wounded to mobile and regular hospitals, as well as trained doctors, the casualty rate goes down significantly.

For detailed information, contact Pavlo Piminov, Communications Director, Olena Pinchuk’s ANTI-AIDS Foundation by calling(+380 44) 490-4805 or via e-mail at

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