How to help combat medics in Ukraine

Friends! Heavy fighting rages on in eastern Ukraine! The doctors need help!

During the full-scale war, many combat medics partially or completely lost medical backpacks and emergency bags. Some backpacks were torn apart by shell fragments, some were completely destroyed by explosions or simply burned under the rubble of first-aid posts and dugouts.

What is in need right now:

1. Medical tactical backpacks Utactic, 300 pcs – UAH 1,500,000 

2. Combat application tourniquets (CAT), 1000 pcs – UAH 1,100,000

3. SUV and 2 minibuses for the evacuation of the wounded – EUR 25,000 - 30,000 

4. I-GEL masks, 50 pcs – UAH 100,000

5. Headlamps, 240 pcs – UAH 25,000 

6. Pulse oximeters with accumulator, 100 pcs - UAH 35,000 

Bring to collection points and Ukrainian embassies around the world or send by mail:

• Bandages: Israeli Emergency Bandage, NAR Trauma Dressing, OLAES Modular Bandage, H&H Bandage, size: 6 inches or 15 cm

• Occlusive dressing: Halo Chest Seal, Hyfin Vent Chest Seal, SAM Medical Chest Seal Combo and similar

• Burn care products Burnshield Hydrogel

• Combat application tourniquets: CAT GEN 7, SOFT, TMT, SAM or SICH

• Cyclone Pocket BVM  

• NAR BOA constricting bands

• Medical tactical backpacks, colors: olive, khaki, multicam, black

• Atropine injectable

Available for order in pharmacies in Ukraine:

• Tranexamic acid 5 and 10 ml solutions for injection/infusion: Gemotran, Haemaxam, Sangera, Tramix, Ugurol and similar

• Solutions in plastic and polyethylene: Gelofusine, Gekodez, Gelaspan, Tetraspan and similar

• Peripheral IV catheters (cannulas) 18G (green)

• Keywer, solution for injections

• L-lysine aescinat, Piracetam (solution for injections)

• Dexamethasone solution for injection (only imported)

• Sterofundin solution for infusion in plastic

Delivery address:

• From the countries of the world: str. Miodowa, 24, premises 15,

35-303, city Rzeszow, Poland, +48600943580, Teresa Zajac, eTravel

• Nova Poshta, Petropavlovka (Dnipropetrovsk region), № 1, +380676972593, Vyacheslav Kazakov

Help the doctors save!

Transfer money with a mark “FOR MEDICS” 


Privat 5168 7520 0025 4782 Kazakov V.

Mono 4441 1144 5186 9737 Oleksandr N.

Pumb 5355 2802 0295 0158

Western Union:

IBAN: UA473052990000026209909828778

Vyacheslav Kazakov

Wise transfer in EUR and USD:

[email protected]

1. USD within the USA:


Routing number: 084009519

Account number: 9600002933710196

Account type: checking

Address Wise: 19 W, 24th Street, New York, NY, 10010,

United States

2. EUR within the EU and SEPA areas:



IBAN: BE82 9672 6986 4268

Address Wise: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

TransferGo, Wise, GMT:

5168 7520 1225 2717 , +380676972593,

[email protected]

Vyacheslav Kazakov

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