The dreams come true: Social project for refugee children from the war zone in eastern Ukraine

international social project for refugee children an embroidered dream support children from the war zone in eastern ukraine

International Social Project “An Embroidered dream” helps to children from IDPs families who left the war zone in eastern Ukraine learn how to earn money better than wait for any help from the beneficiaries.

Since March 2014 I help the children from eastern Ukraine, who are in trouble and danger. However, in early 2015 I understand that food ia not all, these children and their parents need.

The main objectives of the project are to contribute to the creative development of children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine, and children in difficult circumstances, study their work, orientation on the market of goods and services, conducting an active lifestyle, social adaptation and establish new communication ties, expansion outlook in the cultural area, the study of Ukrainian traditions, but it is very necessary for knowledge – a large and powerful force.
IDPs must be trained in order to find good job and to earn money for their families. So I decided to set up a project aimed to help displaced children with disabilities, their parents, as well as children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine to be adapted to new conditions.
International project “An Embroidered dream” has been launced in May 2015 in 6 Ukrainian cities, among them – Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Druzhkivka and Kyiv. Already downloaded 108 children aged 4 to 16 years ( children attending our events , live with their families in lodging).

As was planned, from the beginign of August 2015 the frontline town of Druzhkivka (Donetsk region) became the “Embroidered dream” too. In the Central Children’s Library named Alexander Kuprin , the first meeting of Druzhkivka folk masters with project participants took place. They spoke about Ukrainian embroidery history and embroidery taught children of IDPs and children with disabilities.

We teach kids with their parents embroider and  put in force their products online . Children with parents several times a week come to our volunteer centers , where they give lessons in embroidery . We help ordinary people : they give us thread and cloth. All other expenses I take over , expend all my salary . I have no wife and kids , so I can afford to spend money on internally displaced children.

Unfortunately, I can’t help everybody , but I do in order to reach the largest possible number of poor children . My salary is not great , but I understand that such projects require kids and their parents , because it will give them a chance to learn to work and to earn money.

Finished products will be  put in force  through artists and indifferent people from France , Germany, Italy , Belgium , Denmark , and Poland . There are already first orders from our foreign friends . The funds transferred to young talents to further improve creative skills under the watchful supervision of foreign partners.

We invite all concerned to contribute to our project  , which I will write more in future articles . Promotes the development of children is not just candy and sweets , but also material – practical support their talents !
Requirements for the project : Embroidery , cloth , needles , tambours .
Friends distribute this article , please.

Yours faithfully, head of the voluntary associations Liberi Liberati Maxim Potapchuk. Tel .: +38099 140 50 29,

EMPR provides informational support to this initiative.

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