Poroshenko has declared the biggest amount of cash among MPs in Ukraine

Leader of the European Solidarity party, People’s deputy Petro Poroshenko has declared the biggest among all People’s deputies of Verkhovna Rada of 9th elections amount of cash for 2020 period. 

He has declared 51,2 million dollars and 423,3 million Ukrainian hryvnyas in cash, in total equal more than 1,8 billion hryvnyas, Svoboda Radio states.  

Fifth President’s press office explained that “Poroshenko had to withdraw  51,2 million dollars and 423,3 million Ukrainian hryvnyas from his bank account due to political pressure and repressions from state power and its numerous attempts to arrest Poroshenko’s assets. 

Fifth President’s press office claims that in 2020 Poroshenko has declared 222 million hryvnyas income ( out of which 214 million hryvnyas are dividends, 7 million hryvnyas- interest earned from the deposits) and paid 23 million hryvnyas taxes and military taxes, and spent 150 million hryvnyas on charity. 

Journalists have analyzed all People’s deputies’ declarations and put together a list of the biggest cash owners at hands.  

In Hryvhya equivalent as per official currency exchange rate on April 7, 2021, all the savings declared either by the deputy or his/her family members, cash at hand leaders among all factions and deputy groups, according to Radio Svoboda, are:

Petro Poroshenko (ES): in excess of 1,8 billion Hryvnyas

Vadim Stolar (OPZZh): in excess of 325,7 million Hryvnyas

Dmitriy Isaenko (OPZZh): in excess of 215,3 million Hryvnyas

Julia Timoshenko (Batkivshina): in excess of 161,9 million Hryvnyas

Maxim Efimov ( Doverie): in excess of 161,9 million Hryvnyas

Vitaliy Danilov (Batkivshina): in excess of 148,8 million Hryvnyas

Nestor Shufrich (OPZZh): in excess of 146,5 million Hryvnyas

Igor Abramovich (OPZZh): in excess of 144,9 million Hryvnyas

Igor Feldman (OPZZh): in excess of 144,7 million Hryvnyas

Oleg Voronko (Sluga Naroda): in excess of 139,5 million Hryvnyas

As per experts’ opinion, it is up to a person to decide on where to keep savings, however, sometimes big cash amount on hand may cause big problems for the state. In particular, this may slow down the country economic development and the country’s bank system, to foster grey money turnover and dishonest money laundering

For the information: the 2020 civil servants declaration campaign was closed on April 1, 2021. 

Publication prepared by Liza Tuka, EMPR

Source: oligarph


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