World press about Ukraine: July 30, 2022

The latest updates from the world press on events in Ukraine in the daily EMPR digest as of July 30, 2022.

Prison attack that killed Ukraine PoWs a war crime, says Zelenskiy, amid calls for UN inquiry

An attack on a prison in Olenivka resulted in the deaths of 50 Ukrainian POWs. The Ukrainian president called on the UN and the Red Cross to investigate. Russia accuses Ukraine of hitting the prison with HIMARS missiles. However, the Internal Security Service intercepted phone calls where it is clear that Russia is guilty.

Read the full article on The Guardian.

Sixteen ships loaded with grain ready to leave Ukraine’s Odesa

Because of the rocket fire in Olenivka, tensions have escalated. This could lead to food shortages in many countries.

The Ukrainian president’s office said the dispatch of ships was imminent. An Al Jazeera correspondent said there is a safe channel for the ships to sail through.

Read the full article on Al Jazeera.

Fear and fury: Families of Ukrainian prisoners of war worry for the fate of loved ones.

They took to the square with placards asking that Russia be recognized as a terrorist state. Many Azovstal defenders were in the camp where the explosion took place.

One of the girls in the square has a boyfriend who is also a plant defender, who hasn’t been in touch for three months, so we don’t know if he was in that camp. Many relatives of prisoners of war do not disclose their names. for fear that the Russians would retaliate.

Read the full article on NYT.

UK says Russia looking to hold referendums in newly occupied areas of southern Ukraine

Russia is forcing the people of Ukraine to say personal data to compile voter lists. Russian invaders refer to the occupied territories as being under a “civil-military administration.”

Read the full article on Reuters.

US Envoy: Russia Intends to Dissolve Ukraine From World Map

The U.S. ambassador said that the U.S. sees signs that Russia wants to annex Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. She said that Russia’s continued actions are an obstacle to resolving the crisis and that there is evidence of deportation of Ukrainian citizens by Russia. People have had to go through filtering and searches to leave.

Read the full article on NBC.

Canada Announces $350mn In Loan For Ukraine To Meet Its Social, Humanitarian Expenditures

The Finance Ministry has drafted a resolution to increase the size of the preferential loan by 0.45bn Canadian dollars as part of the loan agreement between Kiev and Ottawa. Under the agreement, the country agreed to pay an interest rate of 1.69% per annum for the next ten years.

Ukraine’s Finance Minister thanked Canada for its support in the fight against Russia.

Read the full article on the Republic World.


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