World press about Ukraine: digest as of July 2, 2022

The latest updates from Ukraine by the world news media outlets as of July 2, 2022.

Daily Banner: Ukraine accuses Russia of dropping white phosphorous on Snake Island after its retreat.

Russian troops dropped white phosphorus on Snake Island after their retreat from there. The island plays a major role in controlling the Black Sea. 

According to the former Ukrainian defense minister, Russia struck the island to hamper any Ukrainian presence there.

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The Guardian: UK Foreign Office condemns Russian ‘exploitation’ of prisoners in Ukraine

Two Britons were accused of being mercenaries by Russia. The men will face the same charges as the two British servicemen captured in Mariupol.

Ukraine condemns the exploitation of prisoners of war and civilians for political purposes.

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The Washington Post: Ukraine’s largest energy firm accuses Russia of hacking

Akhmetov’s energy company DTEK was subjected to a Russian cyber attack. The goal was to disrupt the country’s energy supply and spread false information about the firm. The hack occurred simultaneously with Russia’s missile strike on its coal-fired power plant. Akhmetov’s recent lawsuit against Russia over the destruction of Azovstal may also have been the reason for the attack.

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Daily Banner: Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully use HIMARS systems in Donbass

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are making progress in the use of HIMARS on the battlefield. They are destroying enemy command posts with these weapons. Russia has a significant artillery advantage in the Donbass, but the HIMARS are already beginning to change the balance of power there.

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Sky News: At least 344 children killed in Russian strikes – Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, 344 Ukrainian children have been killed because of Russian shelling.

Another 640 children have been injured. The number of deaths may change, as work is still underway to establish deaths in places of active fighting, in temporarily occupied and liberated territories.

Most of the injured children are in the east of Donetsk region.


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