World about Ukraine: August 9, 2022

The latest updates from the world press on events in Ukraine in the daily EMPR digest as of August 9, 2022.

BBC: Ban Russian visitors, Zelensky urges West

Photo: Getty Images

The president of Ukraine believes it is necessary to close the entry of Russians to Western countries. Russia has categorically condemned such a proposal.

Latvia, Estonia and Finland also supported restrictions on visitors from Russia. They are among the countries most supportive of Ukraine.

Many Ukrainians have stopped using Russian, and subway stations in Kiev are being renamed.

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Reuters: Agency donates breathing devices for premature babies to Ukraine

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Unitaid sent 220 portable breathing apparatuses to Ukraine to save children’s lives. They have a partnership agreement with Vayu Global Health to provide bCPAP machines made in Kenya. Because of the war and the destruction of hospitals, the children could not use the equipment.

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The New York Times: A Ukrainian official calls for U.N. monitors to visit a nuclear plant occupied by Russia.

Photo: Alexander Ermochenko/Reuters

Ukraine is concerned about the safety of the nuclear power plant because of the shelling of the nuclear fuel storage facility. Russia has deployed weapons there, which prevents Ukraine from fighting back. 

The UN is being urged to visit the Zaporozhye site, but there are problems how observers will get there.

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ABC News: Large explosions rock Russian military air base in Crimea

Photo: open sources

One person was killed and several injured because of the explosion at the Saki base. From there, the Russian military struck areas in southern Ukraine. The area was cordoned off within a five-kilometer radius.

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CBC News: Ukraine commander tells CBS News why his forces need more weapons to fight back against Russia

Photo: Ukrainska Pravda

The major general says Russia has a heavy weapons advantage and for every 100 shells from the Russians, his forces can only respond with 10. He praised the HIMARS for assisting in strikes against weapons depots.

The city of Bakhmut is heavily shelled, and Slavyansk has been without water for two months.

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AlJazeera: In the face of Russian attacks, what motivates Ukrainian troops?

Photo: Mansur Mirovalev/Al Jazeera

Ukrainian defender Irina believes the main motivation of the military in Ukraine is that they understand they are fighting for their native land and the future of their children.  Kiev analyst believes Ukraine has individualism, brotherhood, confidence in their strength and courage. Volunteer Maxim Butkevich says Russia united Ukraine by invading.

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