They are torturing and raping people: the “Wagnerians” set up a prison in the ZNPP bunker

They are torturing and raping people: the "Wagnerians" set up a prison in the ZNPP bunker

 The private military company "Wagner", whose owner is "Putin's cook", Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, is probably behind the abductions and torture of people in the basements of the Zaporizhia NPP in Enerhodar captured by the occupiers. The group calls this place "Energetik".

The Eastern Human Rights Group announced this on its Facebook page on Friday, August 26. As stated in the message, the prison "Energetik" also serves as a filtration camp.

According to human rights defenders, the only condition under which a person can get out of there is ransom. However, ransom does not does not apply to pro-Ukrainian activists and volunteers.

A local resident and former employee of the station, who had managed to get out of the prison, informed that the occupiers detain entire families of the pro-Ukrainian population, the FSB allows the occupiers any form of torture, justifying it by the fact that "the Hague awaits everyone" anyway, if the occupiers lose the war.

"Among the "Wagnerians" at the ZNPP, the Syrians and Kadyrovites are the most cruel. Upon hearing that there was a young girl named Masha among the prisoners, they took her to a nearby room and raped her for more than four hours. The only reason for such inhuman cruelty was the fact that ‘Masha betrayed’ her Russian name by "getting in touch with Ukrainians," the human rights defenders’ statement reads.

Another element of torture at "Energetik" is constant threats to "throw prisoners into a reactor", "make them a radioactive shower", "make them bald and toothless forever."

The group called on the IAEA to monitor the entire ZNPP when the mission is at the station. At the same time, they should take with them representatives of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

"The IAEA will not find out about this. Its representatives may be allowed to enter the ZNPP, but definitely not everywhere. Because no one is going to demonstrate the premises that do not relate to safety and technological processes at the NPP. We believe that the IAEA commission should conduct monitoring of the entire ZNPP and also take representatives of the ICRC and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights with them in order to stop the torture and ill-treatment of the prisoners from the "Energetik" prison,” the human rights defenders concluded.

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