Situation on the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine

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Situation on the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region as of 5:00 a.m. on May 13, 2024.

During the day, the enemy started clashes in the border villages of Hlyboke and Starytsia in the Kharkiv sector. However, the villages have not been completely occupied and infantry contact battles are ongoing.

The enemy is trying to advance to Lyptsi, but has failed to reach the village.

In the Vovchansk sector, the enemy entered the outskirts of Vovchansk, the outer streets and the Vovchansk meat processing plant. But the town remains almost entirely under Ukrainian forces control; the enemy was stopped from advancing deep. Near Vovchansk, our artillery and drones are effectively targeting infantry, and the enemy's losses are significant. I am here, so I see the situation with my own eyes. The town’s defense is being strengthened. The enemy is active, infantry groups are trying to break through our combat formations in different areas.

Near Vovchansk, on May 12, the Russians attacked for the first time with several tanks with minesweepers, but the attack was repelled.

On May 12, the Russians tried to advance in almost all sectors, but everywhere they met the resistance of the Ukrainian troops, and now the enemy is forced to conduct assaults.

Faced with the consolidation of our combat formations and the need to attack strongholds that impede further advance, the enemy lost the ability to maneuver. And now Russian casualties began to rise sharply.

On the first day of the offensive, due to certain problems, the command of OTG "Kharkiv" was changed. The new commander is a person with experience and competence. Control and awareness are improving, but not as fast as we would like. Management and organization at the highest level is our primary and key concern.

On ammunition: our troops are provided with artillery shells.

On people: there are problems with low manning of units, but the enemy does not have a multiple advantage.

On fortifications: they were built in the Kharkiv sector, but the enemy didn’t reach these lines. For some reason, the defensive lines are not tied to tactically advantageous heights, the main battles are taking place where the positions are not equipped, so it’s necessary to dig in now. That’s why there’s misunderstanding in the troops why there are no fortifications where they need them, and why they have to dig in again.

In the Vovchansk sector, the town is not prepared for defense. No details so far, but it is no secret to the enemy, since local residents are not displaced, and enemy drones often fly overhead.

On our troops’ actions: there are experienced commanders and units, defense organization, identification of the front line, interaction is emerging and improving. The chaos on the broad front has not been totally overcome, but the situation is improving.

The situation is still tough, Russian troops have the initiative due to their overall numerical superiority, pre-planned actions on a wide front, but now there are no prerequisites for a breakthrough on our front.

Forecast of the enemy's actions for the day: Russians will try to advance further into the residential area of Vovchansk, advance towards Starytsia, and take hold of the buildings in Lyptsi and Ternova.

The battle is ongoing, the enemy is still active, so the situation is very tense.

All units in the area are in desperate need of drones.

Yuriy Butusov

Ukraine Front Lines


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