Plast anniversary celebration in the frontline city of Kramatorsk

kramatorsk war plast children

Eight hours, full of adventures, covered almost 70 participants of highly-driven action – even the rain could not stop them – this was celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Plast in frontline city of Kramatorsk.

From the early morning, we solemnly congratulate the community with the holiday, invite our young friends to “ulad”, also 65th “kuren” named after Petro Franko invited younkers from Kramatorsk. A number of adult philanthropists who helped the development of youth here was also invited to the Plast.
Subsequently, by a movement of friendship that started from a monument of our spiritual father Taras Shevchenko, who always collects patriotic community around his bronze figure, they scribbled into the park of the Yubileyniy to play the “plastoon” quests and games, to taste a real Cossack kulish, cakes, and some trademark “Plast” tea prepared by a friendly team of Maria Chashka.
On the second half of the day, with a vigorous move, we moved to the youth platform “Vilna Khata”, where already in a warm room staged a “vatra” (bonfire), as always with games, songs and good memories of the founder of Plast, Sergiy Letenko.
The holiday was concluded by handing out of special greetings and fragrant buns from Kramatorsk Children’s Food Factory.
So, once again, I want to thank all who helped our Plast members, namely: Volodymyr Sergienko, Fr. Basil Ivanyuk, Andriy the friend, Valentina Podgorna, Alla Baderna, Maria Chaszka, Vyacheslav Raevsky, Anna Aladieva-Kushch, Alla Kusch, Maria Tyshchenko, Marina Danilova, Igor Karumov, Anastasiya Perepelkina, Liliya Kislytsyna, Valery Vlasenko, Mykola Dorokhov, Stanislav Chernogor
Also, thanks to the Plastuns from Slovyansk for their help in organizing the event.
Learn more about Plast movement here.
Visit Plast organisation FB page.
Contact project: 0991405029


Image credits Maksym Potapchuk FB.
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