“Our Kids”: how to support injured childhoods because of russia’s war in Ukraine

"Our Kids": how to support injured childhoods because of russia's war in Ukraine

"Our Kids": how to support injured childhoods because of russia's war in Ukraine?

Today I drew tridents and hearts with Valeria... she is an orphan... her dad, mom, and two-year-old sister were killed by a russian bomb in the Mariupol theater... she managed to survive because she was standing by the window... she crawled out from under the rubble herself, and her grandma took her away with an injured leg.

In her little room in Chernivtsi there is a shelf of angels, she makes them herself, and also a picture of her favorite dolphins that she dreams to see... and in her phone there’s a photo of the family she will never see again... she won't even be able to go to their grave to bring flowers and show her angels... she remembers that day minute by minute, the last family day... when she was not an orphan yet. ⠀

Says her friend is still in Mariupol... now she is for russia, her parents' brains have been washed by Russian propaganda... and Valeria draws a blue and yellow cover for her phone and greets with Glory to Ukraine... a kid who lost everything... home, family, dog Tyson, friends.

But she hasn’t lost Ukraine.

It hurts.

Valeria and other 84 kids of our charity project "Our Kids" lost their parents because of the war. Thanks to ⠀Datagroup and the Juvenile Police of Ukraine in cooperation with @I am the Future of Ukraine charitable foundation these kids-orphans receive 10,000 hryvnias per month, and will receive it until they come of age... ⠀ each kid will also receive comprehensive psychological, mentoring, educational and humanitarian assistance.

You should know how important this help is. Their guardians are grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters... who really need support to provide the kids with everything they need, what their parents would certainly do for them... ⠀

If you can join the project, help with hryvnia so that we can help even more orphaned kids, visit the project website, you can help here."

Marta Levchenko, Head of the Charitable Foundation "I am the Future of Ukraine". Together with the wizards, she built the CITY OF GOOD!

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