High-quality ECO products “Trava.UA” will help children affected by the war

High-quality ECO products “Trava.UA” is a progect aiming to help children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine.

Dear friends, we are creating a social enterprise, “Trava.UA”, to  cultivate and sell medicinal herbs and spices. The goal is to produce the high-quality ECO products, to develop small agribusiness in eastern Ukraine, and to combine business with a charity, to help children affected by the war, through the support of the International Voluntary project “Vyshiti Mrii”, that we launched in 2015.
Our foundation grows herbs and spices on out own land, or we order growing from its our partners (from Western, Eastern and Central Ukraine). We perform the full cycle of the plants growth: from small sprout to the finished product. We use proven recipes and technologies, founded by our family for your health and pleasure.
Starting from Monday, March 5th, there are going to be 19 kinds of herbs, spices, and teas available for purchase.
The webpage of our store is already being filled with products from our own homestead: shop online.
Sign up and follow our news on the page, as there will be a lot of tasty news and even more good things.
Additional Services:
  • A useful and free service for our regular customers: tea recipes according to individual preferences.
  • We take orders to gather / prepare the individual collections of any herbs according to your doctor’s prescription.
  • In July-August, we invite guests to our farm for the relaxation and land-therapy sessions (Fastiv district, the village of Trilissi)
Our charity strategic goals:
  1. 15% of the profit is directed towards the support of our International Volunteer project “Vyshiti Mrii”. Purchase of materials for children’s development (books, fabric, and threads for embroidery).
  2. 10% of the profit goes to educational work with schoolchildren in summer camps and schools. Improving the practical use of school lessons in humanitarian and precise disciplines (in particular, economics, ecology, biology, chemistry, physics), raising the level of environmental education of the students by growing useful plants, implementing energy-efficient technologies, using fertilizers, calculating costs; development of responsible behavior towards the environment; raising the level of motivation of students to create environmentally friendly farms. In accordance with the results and follow-up of the project, in case of successful cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the development, and implementation of changes to the curricula in the areas of project coverage.
  3. Development of Small Agricultural Business in Eastern Ukraine. Organization of educational lectures for beginners and specialists from Donetsk and Lugansk regions to learn new technologies in the growing of medicinal plants and spices, and following marketing of the products.
We invite all interested charities and patrons to cooperate. At the moment, we do not use grant any support, and develop our project at our own expense.
Our team:
Maria Laskova, director of agro-projects development.
Nadiya Ryzhuk, project manager of the International Volunteer project “Embroidered Dreams”.
Maxim Potapchuk, Head of the Foundation.




Image credits: Maksym Potapchuk FB.
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