#JeSuisVolnovakha: Russian terrorists kill 12 civilians in eastern Ukraine

Russian terrorists and militants russian armed forces russia backed militants kill 12 civilians by shelling civilian bus near a Ukrainian checkpoint in the Volnovaha area donetsk oblast January 13 2015

Escalated situation in Eastern Ukraine and constant violation of ceasefire regime by Russian terrorists gets to a new level with militants killing 12 civilians by shelling civilian bus near Ukrainian checkpoint at the population center of Bughas near Volnovakha, January 13.


The terrorists shelled the route used solely by civilian vehicles from BM-21 Grad launch vehicle and fired 40 rockets, as reported by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Donetsk Oblast. 10 people – 6 women and 4 men were killed on the spot. 2 more – 1 woman and 1 man – died in hospital later that day.

One might experience déjà vu with MH17 case revisited since the terrorists first gladly reported about destroying Ukrainian checkpoint on the exit from Volnovakha to Donetsk, and then said it was Ukrainian army that had shelled the civilian bus.

Now terrorists supported by Russian mass-media claim the checkpoint was beyond their reach. But it was only 12 January when DPR site posted an article about shelling Ukrainian checkpoint near Volnokvakha.
13-01-Volnovakha shelling
As the death toll is equal to that of Charlie Hebdo attack that shocked the world last Wednesday, Ukrainians have started the campaign #JeSuisVolnovakha in social networks with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko calling for the civilized world to “stand united against terror”, since “mass killings in Paris and Volnovakha have very much in common”.
The Verkhovna Rada started its work today with the moment of silence. Ukrainian MPs call for the Unity
March on January 18 to commemorate those who were killed by terrorists. The information about the march will be added soon.
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