Amnesty International has deliberately played along with the Russian Federation

Amnesty International’s recent report on Ukraine is absolutely one-sided, military journalist and editor Yuriy Butusov believes.

“I think that it is not worth any serious comments. Amnesty International has deliberately played along with the Russian Federation. That is not an objective assessment but an absolutely one-sided one. Amnesty International equated the defense of the country by Ukrainian soldiers to crimes against civilians. And at the same time, this is against the background of the absence of condemnations of the crimes of the Russian troops and zero high-profile campaigns condemning Russia. It is obvious that the Russian special services have infiltrated some international organizations.

I hope those people who trusted Amnesty International will now speak their minds. In my opinion, such branches of the Russian special services have no right to exist and carry out their activities in Ukraine.

That is not surprising to me. The Russians have been using various international organizations for their own purposes for many years, for example, the UN representative office, as well as other organizations, to create useful narratives and wage an information war. And now they are throwing all their strength into discrediting Ukraine.

I think that the majority of world public opinion is on our side. We can treat this event as a reason to eradicate the activities of this organization in Ukraine and not pay attention to it anymore.”

Meantime, the head of the Amnesty International headquarter in Ukraine Oksana Pokalchuk has resigned as a protest against the main office policy.


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