The National Stop Revenge Initiative

Date: January 16, 2018
Venue: The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

The organizers call on the President of Ukraine and MPs to adopt decisions that clearly outline the comprehensive policy of de-occupation of Ukraine and stop the revenge of the oligarchic-colonial system. The Verkhovna Rada should pass the following laws:
  • On Donbas de-occupation and reintegration (No. 7163),
  • On cooperation (No. 7425, No. 7426, No. 5086),
  • On the Anticorruption Court, taking into account the comments of the Venice Commission and preventing the isolation of the state in the international arena,
  • On humanitarian de-occupation – bills on Ukrainian language, church, etc. for a comprehensive counteraction to the influence of Russia (No. 4511, No. 2858, No. 6623, No. 5670-D),
  • On sanctions against the state-aggressor Russian Federation. To impose sanctions against Russian and pro-Russian oligarchs, to bring Firtash, Levochkin, Novinsky, Medvedchuk, Akhmetov and others to responsibility. (No. 2509, No. 2607, No. 5397, No. 2624, No. 3779).
The demands of the National Stop Revenge Initiative have been supported by Free People, Youth Nationalist Congress – MNC, Ukrainian People’s Council of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, C14 news, UNA-UNSO, NATIONAL ALLIANCE, Musical Battalion, Organization of the participants of the Bulava Aviation Company, InformNapalm.
All socio-political forces are invited together to become a full-fledged systemic struggle against Russian influence in Ukraine.
The Stop Revenge National Initiative is a public-political pragmatism action aimed at a real, rather than an imaginary, struggle with a Russian aggressor in Ukraine.


Photo credits: UNIAN
Source: FB


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