To school together! Let’s support children from eastern Ukraine!

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A new school year is approaching in the war zone in eastern Ukraine. Maksym Potapchuk, the director of the volunteer group Liberi Liberati is conducting an initiative “To School, Together!”

It is not by choice that the children’s families have remained in the war zone: in eastern Ukraine serious health problems, handicapped parents, the lack of money, and the lack of support have all contributed to their inability to move out of the zone. These are not individual cases. There are hundreds of them.
During the next days you will still be able to donate stationery to needy kids from Eastern Ukraine.

An up-to-date list of children in need of your help: Dmytro and his little sister Olha from Serhiyivka village (the boy is in a wheelchair), Yevhen from Donetsk (the boy has autism), Zlata from Donetsk (lives in Dnipro region with her mommy, the family is very poor), Stas and Liza from Kurakhovo (their mom is ill, the family lives in Tsarychanka), Angela from Horlivka (the girl has a hearing disability, lives in a Dnipro region village with her grandma), Bohdana from Horlivka (lives in Druzhkivka with her grandma), Olga and Ilya Kocherezhky the village. 10 more children need help! They live in Zalizne (Artemove), the village is constantly under fire as it is located within the military operations zone (a few kilometers from Horlivka). Sophia and Lisa Yemel’yanova (9 years old), Kateryna Yemel’yanova (7 years old), Tymur Lysyi (8 years old), Mykyta Terentyev (8 years old), Arseniy Fedorenko (8 years old), Anastasiya Shkepu (8 years old), Kyrylo Agapkin (9 years old), Polina Agapkina (7 years old), Dmytro Kornyev (8 years old).

Let’s help the kids from the war zone in eastern Ukraine to have a true First Bell holiday!
Throughout two years, Liberi Liberati organization has been calling for stationery donations within the “To school, together” national initiative. In 2015 we gathered stationery with the “Donbas-SOS” NGO, you are welcome to take a look at how we managed it with the following link.
Children have a strong desire to study, but they need our help and support. They need practically everything: from pen and pencils to pencil cases and backpacks.
Ukrainian children can help as well: you are welcome to write letters to children from Donetsk Oblast, they will be happy to hear kind words.
To anyone willing to help all needed information will be provided, and everyone can contact the needy families.
The first package from Ms. Kseniya Kanevska (books, paints, markers, sweets) I’ll make sure to deliver to Serhiyivka to Dmytro and Olha on 29th August.
All those who are willing and able to help, please contact at [email protected] or call (+38) 0991405029.
Please share this information with others.
Respectfully, Maksym Potapchuk, Director of the volunteer association Liberi Liberati.
Glory to Ukraine!

EMPR provides informational support to this initiative, for more details: [email protected]

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