Kelsie Kimberlin: “I urge everyone to support Ukraine in every way possible”

Kelsie Kimberlin: "I urge everyone to support Ukraine in every way possible"

American-Ukrainian singer Kelsie Kimberlin arrived in Kyiv to martial law, air raid sirens, and attacks by drones and missiles which were destroyed over her head by anti-missile batteries.

Despite these terror attacks, she filmed “Armageddon” in Bucha, Irpin, and Kyiv at many of the places where the worst atrocities by the Russian army took place in February and March 2022.

"My new song and video 'Armageddon' is about Ukraine's fight on behalf of the whole world to stop the Armageddon that started against Ukraine in 2014 and intensified in 2022.

President Zelenskyy asked all artists to use their music to support Ukraine when performing at the Grammy Awards. And that's exactly what I'm doing with this song and video.

I traveled to Ukraine to make this music video. I shot it during martial law, in the territories controlled by Ukrainian soldiers, amidst constant air raid sirens and drone and missile attacks.

The filming took place in many of the locations of the worst crimes committed in Bucha, Irpin and Kyiv in 2022.

I am an American-Ukrainian and I wanted to visit Ukraine to see with my own eyes the horrors that are happening there today. I wanted to be able to support those who have suffered so tragically from the Russian terror inflicted on innocent and peaceful people.

When I was in the territories depicted in the video, my hair stood on end because families and children were dying there. All the footage in the video is authentic.

I urge everyone to support Ukraine in every way possible.

I have established a charitable foundation to help with the medical needs of the affected Ukrainians, support Ukrainian artists and create a platform for recovery and reconstruction starting from this moment.

Follow the link to foundation website.

Please join, share, like, comment and be grateful that Ukrainians on the front lines are stopping Armageddon from spreading to other peaceful countries."

Kelsey Kimberlin is an authorized representative of the Ukrainian National Security Information Center in the United States of America.

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