EMPR’s freedom-of-speech tools need technical upgrades

EMPR’s freedom-of-speech tools need technical upgrades

Since January 2014 the team of EMPR - independent citizen media about Ukraine - has been informing our readers 24/7 about the real situation in the zone of international conflict in Ukraine, where Russian forces and their proxies, the special reconnaissance and sabotage units, Russian mercenaries and other terrorists invaded and waged war.

Governments of various world countries as well as the government of Ukraine for more than a year refused to refer to the events in Ukraine as a real war, although it has all the prerequisites and potential to result in unforeseen consequences for ROW.

The actual fighting at the front is being supported by a powerful information war in which our team was one of the first to fully participate in, spreading the truth about Ukraine throughout the world.

In order to be more effective and mobile during the unstable situation and the apparent escalation of the military conflict, to withstand hacker attacks and break-ins, we must be prepared and equipped with the best resources and equipment in order to ensure our own security. In addition, to new equipment, we need to repair/upgrade existing resources, enabling us to provide you with information more quickly and effectively.

That's why we appeal to the international community, to our readers and to all those who can't stand on the sidelines of Ukrainian avents, in asking for help and assistance in raising funds to improve the material/technical base of our independent team. 

We ask you for any possible assistance in fundraising and purchasing and even to distribute this information to those who could help us... 

The following equipment is used daily by our team to spread the truth.



Just iPhone? No. Its EMPR video production studio...                                             ...our laptop for EMPR in English 


This laptop was used to upload about 1000 videos on EMPR YouTube & helped to reach 11 million views...



We have been using this for hot EMPR tweets 24/7 since Feb2014....         ..and this is for hotline with EMPR contributors


EMPR po polsku strats here and informs Polish-speaking readers about latest news from Ukraine



iPhone is also used as EMPR weapon...                           ...with light equipment EMPR is anytime anywhere 


 This EMPR equipment is used to fight with the Kremlin propaganda in Russian language...



empr.media is coordinated despite the lack of a button                 ...EMPR is stable, as it's hard to move it somewhere


 EMPR exclusive photos are mostly taken by this camera...



1st iPhone helps EMPR to be the first with updates              ...this one helps to inform Russians about the truth 


 EMPR window to the French-speaking audience from all over the World...



EMPR camera: the second & the last one...                                         ...our productive EMPR in English


'The first model of iPad ever' is helpful just for EMPR articles writing & interviews recording... 



They both work...for Ukraine's better tomorrow, free of corruption and without the war...and for making freedom of speech for every Ukrainian citizen real...and last, but not the least - to make ideas of 'Heavenly hundred' and all other Ukrainian brave heroes, who lost their lives, come true...

EMPR team will continue, regardless of circumstances, to inform the world about the real events in Ukraine

You may support us right now: mail us on [email protected] to offer any kind of possible assistance.

Thank you in advance, EMPR


WE NEED YOUR HELP! 24/7, every day, since 2014 our team based in Kyiv is bringing crucial information to the world about Ukraine. Please support truly independent wartime Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism in #Ukraine.

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