World about Ukraine: August 17, 2022

What the World says today about Russia – Ukraine war? Read in Ukraine Front Lines digest as of August 17, 2022.

The Daily News: During the first day, 300 thousand euros were sent: in Latvia, they announced a fundraiser for Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

300,000 euros will be given to the Latvian Ministry of Defense. They will buy Bayraktar and send it to Ukraine. This type of weapon is more affordable, so the Bayraktar is popular.

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Reuters: Ukraine expects biggest convoy of ships to load since grain export deal

Ukraine has resumed the process of food exports since the beginning of the war and already in 2 weeks 24 ships have sailed from the port. Five ships are scheduled to arrive at the Black Sea port to pick up agricultural products. The ships will be carrying wheat, corn and sunflower oil.

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ReliefWeb: The United States supporting the UN World Food Program to purchase up to 150,000 metric tons of Ukrainian wheat

U.S. allocates $68 million to buy wheat in Ukraine due to food crisis. It will be delivered to populations in need. USAID supported the first shipment of grain in the drought-stricken Horn of Africa. 

America has given $7.6 billion in aid since the war began and will continue to help Ukraine.

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The New York Times: Ukraine’s top commander says fighting at the front is ‘intense but fully controlled.’

Russia is shelling southern and eastern Ukraine every day and trying to advance in several directions. Ukrainian defenders are using weapons sent by the West to destroy Russian ammunition depots.

The Russian military does not stop firing on Nikolaev, they hit the university and port infrastructure with two missiles.

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Republic World: Ukrainians flee grim life in Russian-occupied Kherson as war enters day 175

Life in occupied Kherson became unbearable for a Ukrainian family when their children were frightened by rocket fire on Ukrainian troops. The family fled to Kiev as the city of Kherson has huge prices. medicine shortages, people disappearing, the military patrolling markets, calling for all things Russian, and closing schools. However, not everyone is able to leave the city because of the 

inspections, filtration camps, and ticket prices.

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