Russia is looking for hundreds of imported parts for its aircraft fleet – intelligence

Russian military-industrial complex enterprises are trying to find hundreds of analogs of their aircraft components.

This was reported by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the Telegram channel, Ukrinform.

“Official correspondence materials, dated June 20, between the command of the 8th special aviation division and the management of the military-industrial complex enterprises, which produce, repair, and carry out maintenance of “An”, “Il”, “Tu” series aircraft of various types and purposes, were received. The command of the 8th special aviation division is concerned about the lack of imported components for the repair and maintenance of “An”, “Il”, and “Tu” aircrafts”, reads the report.

According to the GUR, in order to meet the situation, Russia offers to work out the possibility of import substitution separately for each type of aircraft on the basis of Russian military-industrial complex enterprises.

“Most items are needed for IL-96-400vvip. 114 components are manufactured in Germany, France, the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. They also need 71 imported components for Tu-214 aircraft, 39 for Tu-154 aircraft, and many parts for other types of aircraft,” the intelligence said.

The intelligence specifies that most of the necessary parts are made in the USA and Ukraine. Among the components and systems no longer supplied to Russia after the imposition of sanctions are beacon landing systems, smoke detectors, meteorological radars, radar systems, navigation systems, and even coffee machines with microwaves.

According to the intelligence department, the chairman of the Russian Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state-building said earlier that they “completely failed the import substitution program, except for industry departments stirring reports.”


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