Pope Francis mentions “long-festering conflict” in Ukraine in his Christmas speech

In his Christmas message, Pope Francis called to prevent the conflict in Ukraine and expressed hope for its peaceful settlement.

This was reported by Vatican News.

“Be a source of light and support for all those who believe in and strive, despite all obstacles, to advance encounter and dialogue. In Ukraine, prevent fresh outbreaks of a long-festering conflict,” the pontiff said in his Urbi et Orbi Christmas message in Vatican. 

He also urged the faithful not to forget about other conflicts that “never seem to end, so by now we hardly even notice them.” In particular, the Pope called to think of the Syrian conflict, which has lasted for about 10 years, Iraq, which has not fully recovered from the conflict yet, the “tragedy in Yemen”, and the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians that drag on without a resolution, with ever more serious social and political consequences.

“Baby Jesus, grant peace and concord to the Middle East and the whole world. Sustain all those who provide humanitarian aid to peoples forced to flee their homelands; comfort the Afghan people, who for more than forty years have been sorely tested by conflicts that have driven many to leave the country,” the Pope said.

Earlier, on December 12, 2021 in his Sunday speech in Vatican, the Pope  called  on the world for an international dialogue to reduce tensions around Ukraine.


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