If Zelenskyy was given a word at Oscars, the documentary about Navalny wouldn’t win Oscar

If Zelenskyy was given a word at Oscars, the documentary about Navalny wouldn't win Oscar

Why so much noise is about Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's ban to speak at Oscar and documentary film winner "Navalny"?

On March 12, at the official Oscars ceremony, the film about the russian oppositionist "Navalny" received an award. At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was not allowed to speak, saying that the award was "beyond politics". Yes, the organizers got confused in their own tolerance.

Oscar ceremony producer Will Packer believes that Hollywood is so worried about Ukraine because Ukrainian people are white. We'd like to say: Ukrainian ancestors were slaves just like yours, so what the hell white people?

The colour of skin of Ukrainian soldiers doesn't matter in Bakhmut, current hell on the earth in Russia - Ukraine war.

The russian Empire abolished serfdom several years before the United States abolished slavery. These phenomena did not differ a lot. Subsequently, the freed but discriminated Ukrainians and African Americans continued to fight for their rights and they still do.

Racism is not about skin color, but about belonging to a dominant group. The Irish, Italians, and Slavs were not considered white in the United States, although they can hardly be anthropologically distinguished from the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons. However, if need be, even odious KKK Catholics could suddenly turn white.

Racism is about deep-rooted social discrimination. Yes, there was racism in the USSR. If you didn’t speak Russian and weren’t immersed in that culture, you had no chance to become one of the masters. Present-day russians still have a purely racist attitude towards Ukrainians.

Listen to what russian propagandists say: if you purify Ukrainians with genocide - exterminate conscious Ukrainians, their language and culture, and raise Ukrainian children in the Russian spirit, they will have a chance to become fully human. 

The Turk Shoigu holds one of the highest government positions, and the local tsar Kadyrov bathes in luxury. But at the same time, the Tuvans and the Chechens are impoverished slaves whose culture has been almost completely destroyed. After all, Shoigu and Kadyrov speak russian, and this serves as an example of their success.

Today Ukrainians are fighting with goddamned Nazis who, even bleeding and freezing in a ravine somewhere in the middle of Donbas, shout "Glory to russia!", and their mothers, receiving death notices, curse Ukraine. They hate us and want to destroy us.

But Ukrainians are anthropologically no different from the Anglo-Saxons, so fools now say that we are also privileged white people, and therefore our problems are not problems. Not to mention the fact that our problems are problems of the global peace and security system.

African-American Will Packer should see us as brothers and sisters who resist racism and genocide. But he doesn't even want to comment on Variety's publication because it's MORE COMFORTABLE for him. Apparently, this is such happiness - not to choose a side in politics. Apolitical Yankees would not have abolished slavery.

And for dessert, the apolitical "Oscar" has among the nominees a documentary film about... Navalny, a racist and "good" imperialist. There is definitely something wrong with the morality of the Western world.

The movie "Navalny" was made before the full-scale invasion and would never have won an Oscar if it weren't for the russian genocide in Ukraine. It was the final demonization of putin's image that added the necessary drama to his conventional antagonist, who is not really that different from him. This award is not about life, but about the artificial reality in which the exalted Western bohemia lives. They simply chose what was closest to them purely aesthetically.

After all, the smiling glossy children of Navalny on the red carpet are much more cinematic than the Ukrainian orphans from the occupied Donbas shelter.

Yes. The film "House of Chips" about Ukrainian children from occupied territory, which was jointly produced by Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Ukraine, was also nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Documentary" this year.

The production of the film was supported by the State cinema of Ukraine. The director of the film is Simon Lereng Vilmont. And the second director and line producer is Azad Safarov. The film tells the story of several social workers in eastern Ukraine who work in an orphanage and create a safe space for children.

Oscar dominant 2023 Ukrainian film "A House made of Splinters"

Yes. In the same nomination as "Navalny" was a film about children from Lysychansk, Luhansk Oblast, currently occupied by russian forces territory of Ukraine. The diference is that Navalny exists. But the city of Lusychansk as well as children there exist no more. russian forces wipe out them all during the full scale invasion.

"No, Mr. Zelenskyy, you can't speak at the Oscars, that's politics. But we'll give an Oscar to "Navalny", that's not politics. And Navalny's wife will speak, that's also not politics. But she won't mention her country's invasion of Ukraine, because...Yeah, you got it!"

What has happened is as minimum is a flirting with the russian opposition. But for us, Ukrainians, the position of "good russians" is very controversial. We no longer believe in it.

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