Ukrainian TV presenter: During World War II “panic-mongers were shot”. And what to do with 21st-century made-in-Ukraine panic-mongers?

Ukrainian TV presenter: During World War II "panic-mongers were shot". And what to do with 21st-century made-in-Ukraine panic-mongers?

"During World War II, panic-mongers were shot": Ukrainian TV presenter Natalia Moseychuk about those who spread the work content of Territorial Recruitment Centers of mobilisation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian TV presenter and journalist Natalia Moseychuk, that works on 1+1 media Chanel, which made our President Zelenskyy famous for the whole Ukraine by broadcasting his comedy show and movies round the clock for a decade, speaking about people who spread the content of the work of Territorial Recruitment Centers on social media, said that during World War II, "panic-mongers were shot." (Source: Natalia Moseychuk/YouTube).

Natalia Moseychuk also asked her interlocutor, academician and psychiatrist Oleh Chaban, whom she interviewed, what to do with "21st century panic-mongers in Ukraine".

"I viewed the information shared on social media – Tiktok and saw the newsfeed of a person who reposts all the statements made by men and women who wring their hands, saying: "oh, what's going on", they want to fight there to the last Ukrainian, and similar clichéd, narrative  phrases. And they are very similar in all these speakers that I flipped through. During World War II, such people were called panic-mongers, and the relevant  people responsible for rendering them harmless contacted  them - that is, they  shot them. And what to do with 21st-century made-in-Ukraine panic-mongers?” TV presenter Natalia Moseychuk said during an interview with Ukrainian academician and psychiatrist Oleh Chaban. 

Oleh Chaban answered that they have a completely different tool for spreading panic, including Telegram channels, the Internet, and other messengers that do not have any restrictions. In his opinion, there  have always been and will be the so-called panic-mongers.

There are many outrageous comments under such the TV presenter's video. Some ask why her husband and son are hiding from mobilization. Others are interested in why a woman gives examples of struggle with this or that phenomenon, focusing on the times of Stalin.

"Natalya again suggests shooting someone, citing Stalin as an example. Are these European values?"

"...and her own son lives in Germany… away from Ukraine… these are the kind of patriots we have… the people themselves call for war, and they keep their own child safe away while others die because of them."

" is not surprising that in Ukraine this journalist began to be actively compared to the Russian propagandist Skabeeva."

It is interesting that less than a week ago, Natalia Moseychuk herself acted as a panic-monger, whom she suggests to be shot. So, on April 19, the YouTube channel of Natalia Moseychuk, the host at the "1+1" channel, shared a video headlined "The front has fallen. We are losing our independence." This video is a shortened version of her conversation with Bohdan Yaremenko, Volodymyr Fesenko, Maksym Bakhmatov and Andrii Melnyk in the program "Topics with Moseychuk", where they discussed the "worst case scenarios" for Ukraine. 

Later, she apologized to the audience, finding the culprit for such a headline among the members of her team.

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