Ukraine’s New Military Personnel Policy: Recruitment instead of conscription

Ukraine's New Military Personnel Policy: Recruitment instead of conscription

Recruitment instead of conscription: Rustem Umerov approves the Concept of Military Personnel Policy of the Ministry of Defense.

Defense Minister Rustem Umerov has signed an order approving the Concept of Military Personnel Policy until 2028.

The document defines a strategic vision for the development of military personnel policy in the defense sector over the next five years, both during martial law and in peacetime.

The main emphasis of the concept is to guarantee the satisfaction of the Armed Forces' human resources needs during a full-scale war, integration into the Euro-Atlantic security space, and interoperability of the Armed Forces with the armed forces of NATO member states.

Expected results:

  • The Armed Forces will switch to contract military service. Conscript military service will be replaced by intensive military training for citizens of military age;
  • Ukraine will have an effective system of recruiting professional and motivated personnel for the Armed Forces;
  • a human-centered approach to career management of military personnel, taking into account their education, professional development, and gender equality. Equal opportunities for men and women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Improved electronic military registration system;
  • automated and digitalized personnel management processes;
  • expanded cooperation between Ukrainian higher education institutions and universities of NATO and EU member states;
  • an effective and transparent system of financial support for military personnel and provision of housing;
  • improved psychological support;
  • a new culture of relationships between commanders and subordinates;
  • proper conditions for transition from military career to civilian life for servicemen who are to be discharged from military service.

Monitoring and evaluation of the results of the concept implementation will be carried out by the Committee on Personnel Management within the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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