Ukraine will strengthen its border with Russia and Belarus. The United States will pay

Ukraine will strengthen its border with Russia and Belarus. The United States will pay

The United States and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine have agreed on joint projects for which the U.S. will give Ukraine U.S. Dollar 24.5 million.

A few weeks ago, the State Border Service and the U.S. Embassy signed a Joint Action Plan to implement the International Technical Assistance Project for U.S. Dollar 20 million.

The project is aimed at securing Ukraine’s northern and eastern borders.

“Modern video surveillance equipment and unmanned systems, individual protection of border guards, as well as ensuring their location in the field, reinforcement with vehicles and communications – these are the needs we have agreed upon with our strategic partners,” said an official statement of SBGS. 

The project will start in January 2022 and will be implemented within a year. It will help meet the priority needs of border units.

The recipients of the Project are all border units performing tasks on the border with Russia and Belarus.

In addition, another project has recently been registered within the framework of cooperation with the US Department of State. According to it, the USA will help Ukraine to develop its border infrastructure.

In particular, it will help build the agency’s capacity with elements used in the arrangement of the border and the development of remote surveillance systems. The funding has been agreed at U.S. Dollar 4.5 million.

All this is important, as relations between the West and Russia have recently deteriorated. Russia demands that NATO not extend its activities to Ukraine and hints that otherwise there will be a war. The self-proclaimed “president of Belarus” Alexander Lukashenko has fully sided with Vladimir Putin’s regime in this confrontation.


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