Ukraine today: situation in the regions at 8 a.m., March 17, 2022

Situation in the regions at 8 am, March 17, 2022.

 Kyiv region

Continuous air-raid alarms. Bucha district – Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Makariv – battles. Artillery shelling. In the Brovary district – missile strikes on settlements of the Kalyniv territorial community. The number of casualties is being clarified.

 Chernihiv region

Several air-raid alarms per night. From evening and all night through, there was incessant artillery shelling on Chernihiv. Information on the number of casualties is being clarified.

 Sumy region

Several-hours-long artillery attack on the Sumy district. There was also an air-raid alarm.

There are no data on casualties at the moment.

 Zhytomyr region

There were no air and missile strikes at night, despite several alarms.

 Kirovohrad region

The situation is controlled and relatively calm, two air alarms

 Dnipropetrovsk region

One air threat at night. In general, calm.

 Kharkiv region

Kharkiv: chaotic shelling continued all night, some hit homes, schools, warehouses, the number of victims is still being clarified, rescuers are working. In the region – fighting continue in Izyum and Chuhuyiv sectors.

The invaders fired at the town of Merefa in the Kharkiv district at night, destroyed a school and a house of culture, and damaged houses. There are casualties, rescuers are working on the ground.

 Zaporizhzhia region

Two air-raid alarms at night 

 Rivne region

The night in the Rivne region was calm. An air raid was announced three times.

In the evening, a missile hit a military facility in Sarny (90 km from Rivne, the northern part of the region). There are no casualties. A corresponding commission is working there.

  Volyn region

The night was relatively calm, with air raid alarms

  Vinnytsia region

The night was relatively calm, air raid alarms

 Zakarpattia region

There was an air raid alarm at night. Currently, the situation is calm

 Khmelnytsky region

There was an air raid alarm at night. The rest is calm

 Ternopil region

Three air raid alarms at night. In the morning everything was quiet

 Cherkasy region

The situation is stable, one air raid alarm at night

 Lviv region

The night was calm

 Poltava region

The night was calm, air raid alarm in Pyriatyn 

 Chernivtsi region

The situation is relatively calm, air raid alarm at night

 Ivano-Frankivsk region

One air alarm at night 

 Luhansk region

Severodonetsk and Rubizhne are on fire. In Severodonetsk, they hit Ukrtelecom. There are at least 27 residential fires in Rubizhne. Information on the number of casualties is being clarified.

 Donetsk region

Avdiyivka: chaotic artillery shelling all night, air strike in the morning, then Grady until now. 

There is no information about the consequences and casualties. Shelling continues.

Maryinka, Krasnohorivka – shelling of the city. The building of Maryinka military administration is destroyed.

Mariupol: air strikes again. People break out of Mariupol on their own vehicles. The risk of death remains high as Russians fire on columns of civilians.

 Mykolayiv region

The night was restless, in the central part of the region – fighting with the invaders

  Kherson region

Heavy explosions and Grads continue in the Kherson region. The region is completely occupied by Russian troops, as a result of which there are electricity, water and gas supplies outages in almost each of the 49 territorial communities.

As of the evening of March 16, 64 settlements were without electricity. Due to the lack of food, medicine and Russian terror, the situation in the region is critical.

 Odesa region

The night was relatively calm. The situation is under control.


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