Ukraine parliamentary elections: 96.96% of the ballots has counted

The Central Election Commission has counted 96.96% of the ballots: the pro-presidential Servant of the People party is gaining 43.12%.

The Central Election Commission has counted more than 96.96% of the ballots in the parliamentary elections. The Servant of the People party is gaining more than 43% of the votes, the Opposition Platform for Life — 13.04%, the European Solidarity, Motherland and Voice parties are getting into the Rada, but are gaining less than 10% of the votes.

According to the CEC’s data based on counting 96.96% of the votes, 5 political forces are getting into the Rada through the party list seats:

Servant of the People — 43.12%;

For Life — 13.04%;

Motherland — 8.18%;

European Solidarity — 8.12%;

Voice — 5.84%.

The remaining parties are not clearing the 5 % threshold: Lyashko’ Radical Party is gaining 4.02%,

Strength and Honor — 3.81%,

Opposition Bloc — 3.04%,
Ukrainian Strategy of Groysman — 2.38%,

Shariy’s Party — 2.23% ,

Freedom — 2.16%.

The parties, which have gained more than 2% of the votes, will receive state funding.


Source: CEC


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