Ukrainian Parliament has adopted the Law on the State Budget on 2018

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted the draft Law No 7000 on the State budget of Ukraine, official website of the Ukrainian Parliament reports.

Last night Ukrainian Parliament has adopted one of the most important Law on forthcoming year, the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine on 2018 by 273 votes of MPs.
The State Budget incomes is adopted in the amount of 913.6 billion of UAH as well as the revenues – 988.6 billion of UAH.
In particular, 86 billion of UAH is planned in the currecnt budget on the needs of Ukrainian army and 1/5 of the budget expenditures will be transfered for the weaponry and millitary equipment purchase.
Among State budget priorities – the road constructions and recovery expenditures will be financed in the amount of 40 billion UAH.
At the same time, the basic social standard of the State Budget of Ukraine on 2018 are as follows:
  • the average minimum subsistance level  1700 – 1853 UAH (about USD 63-69) per month;
  • the minimum subsistance level for kids 1482 – 2027 UAH (about USD 55 – 75) per month;
  • the minimum wage 3723 UAH (about USD 138).
More details on State Budget of Ukraine figures is available here.


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