U.S. Army Europe Soldiers’ Chorus performs in Kyiv ahead of 4 July

On 3 July the U.S. Army Europe Soldiers’ Chorus performed in one of Kyiv’s busiest summer concert spots – Mushlia (shell) open air stage in downtown Maryinsky park.

The “Freedom Concert” ahead of the U.S. Independence Day was set to demonstrate “friendship between the United States and Ukraine,” the U.S. Embassy to Ukraine noted in its announcement. The Chorus’ performance preceded by their fellow colleagues from the National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine was warmly welcomed by the Ukrainian audience. The U.S. Army Europe Soldiers’ Chorus stationed in Sembach, Germany was organized in 1963 and attached to the U.S. Army in 1981. “The singers do not enter the military as musicians. Rather, they are selected through competitive auditions from other specialties in the Army, and receive intensive training in vocal, dance, and theatrical skills,” the U.S. Embassy says.


U.S. Army Europe Soldiers’ Chorus (front row) and Ukraine’s National Presidential Orchestra are presented to the audience before the “Freedom Concert” in Kyiv. Photo: EMPR

At the Kyiv concert the U.S. Army Europe Soldiers’ Chorus performed a variety of vocal genres including pop, rock, R&B, soul and jazz with equal professionalism and passion. Jay-Z’s and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” was one of the pieces most warmly received by the audience, the one that both the 18- and 60 year olds sang and danced to together with the Chorus. “I liked their unique performance style, the non-standard choice of musical pieces that one would not expect from a soldiers’ chorus and their ability to interact with the audience, their openness,” said 58 year old Kyivite Tetyana, regular to the open air performances in Mushlia. According to Mrs. Tetyana the concert is one of the best performances of this summer season.


U.S. Army Europe Soldiers’ Chorus performs on Kyiv’s Mushlia stage in Maryinsky park. Photo: EMPR



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