The ninth attack on Kyiv in May: all russian missiles intercepted

The ninth attack on Kyiv in May: all russian missiles intercepted

Russia once again massively attacked the territory of Ukraine and its capital Kyiv last night. This this the ninth attack on Kyiv in May, 2023. According to preliminary information, all enemy targets in Kyiv's airspace have been identified and destroyed! Final data on the number, type of missiles and UAVs will soon be reported by the Air Force."

The attack was carried out by Tu-95MS bombers, Tu-160 strategic bombers from the Caspian region, probably by X-101/555 cruise missiles.

After launching the cruise missiles, the russian forces engaged 3 reconnaissance UAVs over the Kyiv.

Andriy Nebytov of Kyiv region showed the wreckage of Russian missiles found in Kyiv region.

"The police are inspecting the places where the debris fell and recording the damage. So far, no significant damage has been recorded, and there are no injured people," he said.

According to preliminary information, all russian targets in the airspace of Kyiv were detected and destroyed.

Debris of russian missiles fell in Darnytskyi and Dniprovskyi districts of the capital. Civilians were not injured.

Yesterday late eve, the russian forces also attacked Odesa with two Kalibr/X-101, X-555 cruise missiles.

One of the objects of the industrial infrastructure was hit. As a result of the missile strike, 1 civilian was killed and 2 people were injured.

At night, the russian occupiers also hit energy infrastructure facilities. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Energy. "At night, the enemy launched another massive missile-drone strike across the entire territory of the country. Energy infrastructure facilities were hit and damaged. In particular, overhead power lines in Khmelnytskyi Oblast were cut off due to the shelling. Power was cut off in 3 settlements in the region, and 1.7 thousand people were left without electricity consumers," the message says. The Ministry of Energy noted that as a result of the latest massive shelling, 2 settlements in the Zaporizhia Oblast, 3 settlements in the Mykolaiv Oblast were cut off. In the Kherson Oblast, 15 settlements were cut off. Several air lines were also disconnected in Donetsk Oblast. 5 settlements, more than 20 thousand subscribers remained without electricity. The mine, where several people were at that time, was de-energized.

Final data on the number, type of missiles and UAVs which were used by the russian occupiers during the latest russian attack published were reported by the Air Force of Ukraine and Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi:

22 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles were launched from the russian strategic aviation: two Tu-160 and eight Tu-95 bombers. Eight Kalibr cruise missiles launched from the russian ships in the Black Sea. Also, two "Iskander-K" cruise missiles from ground-based operational-tactical missile complexes.

The forces and means of air defense of the Air Force of Ukraine, in cooperation with other components of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, shot down 29 cruise missiles. To this end, 2 "Shahed-136/131" attack drones and two reconnaissance UAVs were also shot down.

To remind, the previous russian missile attack on Kyiv was the hardest by the means of intensivity as 6 so-called 'unstoppable' hypersonic Kinzhal missiles were launched on the capital of Ukraine. All intercepted.

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